Friggen Plow/Salt Damage!!!

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by TurfRyder, Jun 22, 2009.

  1. TurfRyder

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    My poor lawns got messed up pretty good again this winter. This is the second winter in a row things got out of hand and some of my sites are not even bothering to seed the damaged areas this year. When they do seed you are unable to spray the weeds. Its hard to enjoy your work when your lawns look like this:



  2. cod8825

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    Man I am sorry Turf we only get about 30" here in Kansas City and we have overzealous contractors who think when salting the property should look like a gravel lot. It does havoc as well and I know where you are coming from.

  3. nobagger

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    Why didnt the lawns get repaired before any spraying started? Although I have a place where there is no where to put snow and it got blasted this winter (140 plus inches) and I've tried to repair it twice with the usual top soil and seed with fert. and they still look like crap. I do attribute that to the place not watering and a very dry spring. The rest of that lawn looks good.
  4. Rtom45

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    We're still repairing lawns on campus. We have no one but oursleves to blame for the damage since we do all our plowing in-house. We had cool dry weather this spring and had to work some sections over a couple times. Because we use a lot of salt, we find that gypsum tilled into the soil, then topdressed with a good topsoil seems to work. We use students with string trimmers and push mowers to keep the edges from looking too ragged until the grass becomes estblished.
  5. TurfRyder

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    Some did some did not. I think the recession and the fact that they re-seeded last summer just to see it destroyed again this winter may have something to do with it. I never spray an area that is seeded so It does not matter to me when they plant.
  6. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    Whoa that apt complex looks like it got way oversalted last winter. Talk about an open invite for weeds...
  7. mngrassguy

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    It's cheaper to fix some sod than fix a broken leg or worse from a slip and fall.

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