From 100 feet away and a lady yelling at them!

Discussion in 'Stolen Equipment' started by theminigardener7, Jul 7, 2009.

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    I had put my equip in front of one of the houses I was doing. I was also doing a house one door down at the same time. I went to the one farther down for no more than 5 minutes, only to finish with a crazy housekeeper screaming. I walked up to her staring at my trailer. She said she saw two men (one driving, one stealing) take my Kawi blower, toolbox and backpack. She said that she saw them taking it and she ran and screamed at them. Apparently they didnt move until she was on the sidewalk(trailer was in the street). So, the damage was a 500$ blower a backpack and a toolbox totaling up to $1300(My backpack had my wallet with all of my paychecks in it plus cash). The cop said if I had had the serial #, they could put it in the system and wait for a bust or something to find it. However, I did not have it. I really just could not believe that they could get it that fast! But, they do end up stalking victims first. Anyways, technically I am lucky, I had my weedwacker and hedgetrimmer and edger in the back yard. And had left one of my guys with a blower and another mower on another street. So, I sit waiting for nothing to happen, dissapointed in myself for letting something like this happen. How Embarrassing!
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    I am sorry to here that happened, was it an enclosed trailer, if so if we are on a street where we do more then one home at a time, we put the get up and lock the trailer, I dont buy open trailers anymore for this reason, why leave your back pack in the trailer, my wallet and all is in my truck locked, regardless if im fueling up or cuttin g a lawn. good luck
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    It is not an enclosed trailer. (i could not get a big enclosed since my mom sucks at driving) My wallet was in my backpack which, even if I knew they were coming, I would have never thought to hide. And, I am not fortunate enough to have a truck... all i have is a trailer and equip.
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    You should have called the dealer you bought it from and asked him what the SN was. A dealer should have the model and serial number of pretty much every piece of equipment you bought from them in your account in their computer. Plus, you could have alerted them to watch and see if anybody comes in with that unit for any reason.
  5. theminigardener7

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    thats very true, however our dealer is very unorganized, and there is no way he would have it or remember even selling it to me
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    I always have my sthil back pack blower locked up with a cable when I'm not using. On my trailer I have a 36 toro and a 21 heavy duty toro. If I am doing a back yard with the 36 I'll either chain the 21 to the trailer or use it as a trim mower and leave it in the back. Gas is locked.. the only things I don't lock are the 36 (because it's so heavy) and my echo trimmer (because who would steal a pos like that?)
  7. theminigardener7

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    I try, BUT IT'S SUMMER! (which means more work)
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    Hey. Sorry to hear about that. No doubt, there are losers out there watching all of us for that moment of opportunity. You learned an expensive lesson (not even in school!). I venture to guess you'll never make these mistakes again. Hell, I'm 45, and I still do stupid sh*t; it's what you learn from it that matters. Hang in there, Bud. And keep alert at all times, and record your SN's from here on out!
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    I hate thieves- period. They are slimy bastards.

    When I get to a job site, I always take my hand helds off the truck/ trailer and stash them in the back yard flower bed or whatever. . After I get my w/b or ztr off, I then lock one side of my trailer with a high end padlock. (I am solo and and usually have a nice Toro w/b unit and an Exmark ZTR and can't use both at once.) My push mower is locked with the a very thick log chain going thru the discharge chute and then gets locked to the trailer frame.

    My trailer is locked onto my tow hitch, my tow hitch is locked to my truck.

    I never let my guard down.

    I was once victimized and learned a very painfull lesson. Fortunately I got most of my stuff back.

    Im sorry to hear about your loss. Keep your eyes on the pawn shops and craigs list adds- you may get lucky.

    Did I say I HATE thieves???
  10. Branch manager

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    What's really weird is, he can spell 'concentrate', but not "you're". Hmmm.....I think we should encourage kids to work. Too damn many don't understand the concept of earning what you receive. Stow the unhelpful commentary, guys. We all started out from the ground up, unless "daddy" set you up in business. Now, let's all stay alert, stay focused, and work safe!!! Peace.

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