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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by Barkleymut, Feb 7, 2003.

  1. Barkleymut

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    I just purchased a new 2002 52" Lazer HP 23Kawi. I have a Dixie that will move to my backup mower. While I have had almost no problems with the Chopper I have just read too many wonderful things about the Exmark. Plus the dealer seems better and much much closer. I'll let you know which one I prefer once I get a couple hundred hours on this one. BTW I went with the Kawi on the advice of the others here. Seems to be a smooth running engine but it has a small backfire about 5 seconds after I turn it off. I let it idle for 20-30 seconds before shutdown. The mower has .2 of an hour. Is this just because the mower is brand new? I hope it goes away.
  2. 65hoss

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    Congrats on the new mower.

    Here is what I did to stop the backfire on shutdown. I turn the fuel off and let it run out. After the mower breaks in some it will stop that. Until then, the backfire will get you many wierd looks. So you might want to try my suggestion.
  3. eXmark

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    Congratulations on your new purchase and welcome to the Exmark family!

    The backfire is a symptom of all mowers today. Every recently produced large displacement engine (v-twins) has the potential to backfire. The only question is how severely and how often. This is a symptom of the changes in EPA requirements and possibly some fuel changes as well. It's something that all of the engine manufacturers are working on but a cost-effective fix may not be available for some time. Then again you never know. Those engine guys can surprise us every now and then.

    Until then, shutting the engine off at 1/2 throttle seams to be the best solution.


  4. chariot

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    Everyone thinks that I am crazy when I mention this but it worked for me. I had a Kohler 25HP that did the same thing. What I did to get it to stop was: throttle it down all the way, turn the key off, then immediately push the throttle back to full throttle. Give that a try and let me know if it works.
  5. IBGreen

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    Chariot, I've heard people say the same thing. Its just that on all the mowers I've tried and owned none of them have backfired. So I've never tried it. But I guess I'll live.
  6. crazygator

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    Welcome from the darkside!

    I love my HP and I am sure you will too!
  7. ohiolawns

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    coming from the service side....

    it would sound best to idle it but.......

    run the mowers at full throttle when shutting down. the reason for that is at an idle more gas than air is going into the cyl and easier to fire. At full throttle it is just the opposite you get more air and less fuel harder to fire and should help the backfire after shut down.

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