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    I've lurked around a few months. My name is David from Georgia. I spend my days educating America's youth as a elementary school teacher. My evenings are spent mowing. It's somewhat of a release, especially after a stressful day here or there. I've been doing this for a couple years, not real aggressively, just picking them up as they come along. I started with a husqvarna push, ryobi string trimmer w/ detachable head and edger attachement, and a borrowed blower. A lady in my church asked if I new anyone that could help her with lawn. That's where I started. Word of mouth spread and as business picked up for me I put back money and bought new equipment. I still would like a commercial grade 21". Last year I bought the commercial handhelds by stihl. This year I bought a fixerupper Bobcat 62", but it needs a new deck. 2 years ago I bought a timecutter 42". It runs well, but it's just not what I need. One thing I'm proud of is everything was paid for at the time of purchase. NO BORROWING.:clapping: Good thing, too. Last year I had 14 lawns. Which was plenty for what I had going on. Then, 4 of the 14 owners moved out of town. 1 got doctors clearance to continue normal activities, including cutting grass. 1 was not paying, after having to call all the time I dropped her. 1 moved to larger home with larger yard and wanted to pay the same price for lawn care. .

    I haven't started advertising, but soon will when it gets closer to spring and hopefully things will pick back up and I can finish the Bobcat.

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    Welcome to the site and good luck to you.
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    Hi David, I'm from GA too but will be moving soon.

    Just curious [since I'm familiar with most of the economic situation in GA], has the economy put any pressure in the pricing you've been able to get or the amount of work you've been able to secure?

    Best of Luck,

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    I don't think I can fairly answer that. I haven't really tried to persue more accounts because of my primary job. However, a couple of the people that I had last year moved to the next county with larger mortgages. I still work with them at school and they said that some of the extras had to be cut back because of those mortgages and a longer drive to school.

    Most of my accts. have come through word of mouth and are people I go to church with or other teachers at my school. I did however give a couple estimates this year to folks I didn't know first hand, and never heard back from them.
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    Oh, I have a friend who is in the business and he is more familiar with what's going on and he says that there is plenty of work to be had here, in Columbus.

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