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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by greenedge, May 8, 2004.

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    When I was about 10 I had about 7 customers in Marcus Iowa. By the age 18 had only 2. Thought I was too cool to be mowing yards- Went to work on a farm.( The farmer made me mow there too!) Went to work at Gateway Country selling computers after high school. Did that for 9 years. Sept 20, 2003 quit Gateway and handed out 500 flyers and got 2 calls. 1st call became a regular. She did not mind my electric weed eater (Grass hog-Home Depot $36) and let me use her electric WeedEATER Blower. Lawn crews laughed at me as they drove by my 150ft extension cord. I now have about 20 regulars and 5 off and ons. When I graduate from College in 3 weeks plan to really hit the streets for more business. My degree will be computer networking yet I prefer to do lawn care. O- by the way, the blower was returned to the first cutomer who let me borrow it. It was replaced by a used ECHO which I now have two. The weedeater was thrown in the trash and replaced by a ECHO. The mower is yet my only at this time. It looks to be about 20 years old but cuts like new, also starts on first pull everytime.
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    Great story greenedge. I'm wanting to get started too and your story gives me confidence that I may be able to pull it off and be succesfu.l I would say 20 yards in year is doing ok. I'm not too far from you I live in Baytown, to your east down I-10. I saw your other post in the Network forum, I guess the LCO's from Houston don't like to exchange ideas. I see the DFW LCo's have tons of posts. Maybe we can change that. Well if I ever really get going. I realize it might be too late this year. I hope you don't mind I sent you a PM.
  3. Green Dreams

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    I am glad to see more locals here. I am starting a fert & squirt out here. So far I am up to about $33k in debt and haven't launched yet. Cross your fingers for me...Drew
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    What is the average you guys get for the lawns in the houston area? My dad lives in Galveston and works at Johnson Space Center.
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    Most of mine are $25.00 or $30.00 for corner lot

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