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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by turbo5560, Jul 11, 2007.

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    So I went on a short Vacation to New Jersey/New York. While I was there I noticed several things. First, that there are a ton of LCO's, and I thought that there was too many in my area. The home at which i was staying had an LCO mow there lawn the morning I left. I stood and just watched to see how they did things. For the most part everything was the same. Secondly, as I was driving around I noticed many many LCO's trucks out. I was staying in Ridgewood, with in the first half mile driving one morning I saw 5 differents lawn care crews working. At about every stop light I came to I saw at least one more crew as well. And third, I noticed that almost every home gets their lawn mowed by an LCO.

    While to the average LCO in that area those are probably some obvious observations. But I learned several things from that. In Michigan the money is in Commercial properties but out in NJ most commercial properties have no grass. And secondly, in Michigan there are homes that have LCO's mow them, but the majority mow their own lawns.

    It just struck me that so many homeowners in NJ and surrounding area's have LCO's take care of the lawn work.

    I guess what I learned is that all over the country LCO's have to be ran completely differently. It's not as easy as just cutting grass.
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    The reason there are so many LCO's is cause we have more people per square mile than a lot of places. Real Estate is high so you need a good job, that means you need to work in NYC, Leave at 6AM return at 7PM by the time the weekend comes these people just want to go to the shore and dont want to be bothered with their lawn. Not entirely true, but I'd like to have more commercials and less residentials. Wanna trade?
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    I sorta figured that out. And that area is great for vacation (once every 5 years), but I don't want to live nor work there. Too busy. One of my favorite things about mowing is to mow a big lawn. And you just can't do that in NJ. At least not that much.
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    pretty good'd be amazed at the number of people from PA who commute daily to NYC
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    I can vouch for what alot of the replies are stating. When I first got out of school I spent the 1990's killing myself in the corporate world trying to climb that elusive ladder. I would leave for work routinely at 5a.m. and not return until 8 p.m. at night. I moved to a closer location but still was away close to 12 hours. I always cut my own lawn but I could have easily had someone do it and not a single person would question why I treated myself to the luxury. I am sure when you get around some of the largest cities in the U.S. you will see more of this. In my neighborhood there is only 2 other people that dont have a proffesional service for just about everything one is my brother and the other is a young family that just moved in and they have alot of money and time. I agree with the first post can literlaly take a walk around and see a handful of different LCO's at work on any day aside from Sunday.
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    Depends on where in NJ you are talking about. 5-to-10 acre lots are pretty common in Colts Neck NJ.

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