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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by rhalverson, Mar 28, 2007.

  1. rhalverson

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    So, I'm going to be cutting somebody's grass here real soon, (when the stuff actually starts growing around here,) and my question is this: I think a "standard mowing job" includes just cutting and trimming, not edging along walks and driveways with a power edger. Is that true? Do you charge extra for this edging, and if so, how do you charge? Or do you just figure edging in with the whole job?
    Thanks, all y'all for the input and assistance so far.
  2. gandk06

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    Welcome to the business. Just wondering where in SE Wisconsin you are located?
  3. Wells

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    The standard mow job would include: Mow, Trim, Edge & Blow. All included in the original price.
  4. NELawnCare

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    Agreed. I do the same on every job.
  5. rhalverson

    rhalverson LawnSite Member
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    Thanks for the good info, I guess its unanimous. Edging is included in the standard mowing package. I'll be sure to build that into my pricing, and as always, I really appreciate you guys taking time to answer the important questions. I know I'll make plenty of mistakes as I go along, but I'll make fewer having you guys to talk to. Thanks again.
    And hey, gandk06 in Waterford. I'm on the East Side of Milwaukee,
    Thanks All,
  6. BeautifulBlooms

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    Wauwatosa Here. Just moving into the lawn mowing side of things. so this interested me. How often do you edge? twice a year? ten times a year? and how much time does it take, is it 3-5 times longer than one trimming because of cleanup?

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