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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Commonwealth LC, May 10, 2005.

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    how do you guys that once had a lawn care business with great contracted customers merge into doing landscaping jobs, and where do you get all your know how?

    I was thinking that once it is time, years down the road, i would hire people to do my lawn care, and i would start doing small landscaping jobs with me and one other person maybe. then start adding people and just work finding jobs for them. this is brief, but it is my idea. im still in the process of perfecting my business plan.

    Also, about the know how. Ive been reading books ive bought and borrowed from the library on landscaping. Ive watched DVDs, got product catalogs and information from retaining wall and paving companys, and have gone to some nursery teachings. am i on the right track?
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    Hello Commonwealth LC!

    I think that is a fine idea. I broke away from my mowing crew 2 seasons ago and started doing spray work and landscaping and managing the business while they mowed. I do some of the landscaping by myself if it is a small job, or I have some part timers to help on larger projects. I am starting to get alot of calls so the landscaping gig may go full time quickly.

    The know how comes from books and experience I guess, I wouldn't jump into any job that you are unfamiliar with before doing some research though. Always bid jobs with the unexpected and hidden costs in mine is my advice.


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