Front Brakes on a Zero Turn Mower!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ted corriher, Jan 22, 2009.

  1. chrisduryea

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    Excellent idea Ted. All the best with the design. I can really see the advantages it has as a safety item. It's on the right mower too :usflag:

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    Ted, what about incorporating an engine kill switch into it if it's depressed when the levers are forward? That way you don't burn up your pumps.
  3. ted corriher

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    It is an independent system, and has nothing to do with the drive system, just like a car.
  4. Pro Edge Lawn & Landscape

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    where is the new video? I think you should pull an evil kneivle and try and jump the canyon...with stars and stripes on and at the last second lock up all four brakes
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    I think this is a great concept and if the big boys (exmark, scag, bobcat, toro, hustler etc...) are watching, this is a new way to sell a z. Take notice.

    Most of us have shady lawns. And by shady I mean those areas that are hilly with good reasons not to lose control. Either damage, or worse, injury. Yes I could drag the walkbehind out and take twice as long, or just keep on mowing with my z and not lose a beat, or skip a beat for that matter. Heartbeat that is for the times you start to lose it.

    Great idea, hopefully we will be seeing this on z's in the future.
  6. rodzilla94

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    the front wheels steer i just looked at it at my local dealer 60ing z-turn tank and a steering tower that moves out of the way so you can sit down he told me they (cub) developed it to mow hillsides better i will try to get a pic of it. by the way its here in clinton tn at 122 power sports cost is around 12 to 13,000 oh yea the steering is run off the hydros
  7. ted corriher

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    Here are some closeups of the Tedbrakes system that is currently on the mower. It is the same one as in the video. BEFORE you comment on the design, please understand this is still in the development stage. I wanted to show these so that the system is better understood and for manufacturers to see what is takes to create a system. NOTE: the parts are from a Nascar store, so the oversized master cylinder and reservoirs are for automobiles. A system designed for a specific mower and frame would be smaller, yet just as effective, and probably have steel braided hoses for durability.

    I read someones earlier comment on mass producing these and then trying to fit them on the various Brands, sizes and frame types of mowers....This is the exact reason for us trying to get manufacturers to build this. They have all their specs and can build model specific brake systems for delivery on new units, as well as bolt on kits for previous year model mowers. This will eliminate any installation problems and be a better and more effective unit for your mower. However, if any company were to want to offer this as an aftermarket item, it would take a tremendous amount of resources, i.e. getting all mower models to build specific systems for them before releasing them to the public. I am offering to sell patent usage to any company interested in doing so.





  8. ted corriher

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    And a few more.....



  9. TLS

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    The slave cylinder needs to be protected more on the front casters. I'm constantly banging into tree branches, trailer, Pro-Locker, etc.

    As far as pictures go....I would suggest using a more mainstream manufacturer (eXmark, SCAG, JD, etc) mainly because that BB suspension fork is busy enough looking as it is.

    I see a good idea, but it looks too bulky and fragile to be used even for me (owner operator who is mechanically inclined and a maintenance freak).

    I could see a disc or even a drum and band system working in this situation as well. Your scrub system seems nice, but like I said, all that stuff hanging out there is just looking for trouble.
  10. brucec32

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    I didn't say "race car driver". I used the term "sports car driver". But yes, it was a GREAT analogy! : )

    Interestingly, there's a huge difference in race car and sports car. Because unlike in racing, where dangerous driving is accepted and encouraged in the interests of speed, on the street you're not supposed to exceed the speed limit or take turns at the limit of tire adhesion just because you technically can in a sports car. In racing, safety is seconded to speed in importance. But when it comes to mowing, like street driving, I don't think anyone wants to put safety behind speed.

    The point here is that this new safety feature will help if used to recover from a runaway situation, but if instead (mis)used to handle hills formerly considered too dangerous for a ZTR, or in a too-fast unsafe fashion, it could actually be counterproductive in terms of safety.

    Your analogy of ripping out airbags and ABS would be like saying that if you don't want to buy this product, you then must be for ripping ROPS off mowers. That if you don't buy a sports car, you must want no safety features.

    Mine was that it's like giving you a BMW M5 to drive instead of a Kia Optima and saying "now don't drive any faster or whip it through those tight curves". The BMW is inherently a safer car due to better brakes, suspension, etc. But I doubt the death rates are lower. Because part of the allure of a better performing car (or mower) is that it causes SOME people to push the limits, erasing the safety advantage in the process. And its not established if this product would ultimately help or hurt statistically.
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