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Front cut or mid mount?


LawnSite Member
North Ga.
Hi I am looking to buy and want some advice.
I am looking at grasshoppers. But I dont know which one is better or advantages and disadvantages of each. I will be adding a vac system also if that matters.
I am looking at a 428D for the mid mount,
And 928D for the front mount.
I do have some hilly terrain also that needs to be considered.

Thank you


LawnSite Bronze Member
Big advantage to the mid mount is fitting them on a trailer. Front mounts take up more room on a trailer. This is very important for me.

With front mounts, you are able to get that mower deck under bushes and what not, cutting down on trimming. With mid-mounts, though, you have better manuverability.

A huge advantage are the front mounts that have "flip-up" decks. A heck of a lot easier for cleaning and blade changing than the mid-mounts.

I have found the mid-mounts can do some very steep hills, whether or not it is recommended!

Hope this helps.


LawnSite Member
North Ga.
Yea the 428D is what I am leaning towards. What about prices? I dont have a dealer within 50 miles so I have been making phone calls to get quotes. Where should we be on pricing on the 428D?

Thanks for the input

Jason Rose

LawnSite Fanatic
Both are good machines, but both have their places. A front mount is awesome for flatter grounds. They can do slopes but sometimes can tear up a lot of turf in a hurry if you loose traction. The azz end is heavier, even with a 72" deck so that end is always wanting to go down the hill. Also the machine is LONG and your tail wheels can sometimes be a hassle in tight areas. On the flip side the front mounts are awesome since they can flip up to get to the blades (all but the 72"). This also makes changing from bagging or S/D mode to installing the mulch kit much easier. It's easier to get under trees and fences and you can get very close to things by just nosing up to them. The catchers on the front mounts are generally dump hoppers, tho there is a bag type for the smaller decks. The catcher systems are really great.

Mid-mounts have been pretty well covered by the others. One thing I noticed about the D model compared to the gas version is LEG ROOM! The seat position was pushed forward a few inches at least to allow for the radiator and for a tall dude like me it didn't work at all. I have ran a 52" 23hp Kohler version with a catcher. My reviews of the machine are on here somewhere. Great machine overall, just didn't fit my needs.