Front end sag...


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N. Dighton MA.

Be glad you have the Z71 springs. The regular 1500's sag a lot more. If I remember right the FAWR with the Z71 pkg was ~3800lbs, plenty for a plow.



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Your FAWR and RAWR add up to more than your GVWR.

Plow weighs 7-800lb. or so, depending on make/model.

Truck empty is around 4800-5000?

John DiMartino

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My 94 excab swb Z71 stepside weighed 5022 at the race tracks scales.It was a HD 1500 with the 4800 lb rear end.Its GVWR was 6600.If you have the 10 bolt rear your GVWR is 6200,if you have 14 bolt rear,you are at 6600 to.My Z71 excab held my 715 lb Fisher Minute mount very good.My cousin has a 96 Z71,excab and he has a Boss V 7'6" on it,it sags a lot more than mine did with the Fisher.When you measure sag with an IFS truck,you need to lower the plow,drive forward at least 10 ft,get out measure,raise plow,then drive forward again to let the suspension ,and tires squirm out,then remeasure.I bet your sag is more like 2-3" when you do it that way.If you have a solid axle truck,just raise,measure,lower,measure.