front end wear and tear question

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by mike lane lawn care, Aug 6, 2009.

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    Hey guys, I brought my truck into the dealer today because I felt some minor play in the steering wheel, and thought it was a tie rod end, it ended up being both drivers and passengers side front hub assemblies. Now the parts and labor are covered under my powertrain warranty, which is a big relief because this work order could easily top $1500. I replaced 3 front hub assemblies on my 99 1500 Z71 in the year that I owned it, but I used and abused that truck on and off road, and it had 144k on it. My current truck has never seen the off road, and has never been worked even close to it's capabilities.

    How long should I expect front end parts to last? I understand they wear out like everything, I just thought that 57k is a bit young still for a major repair like this. Am I doing something wrong with maintenance? I know the hubs are a sealed component, but is there anything that will help prolong the life them?

    BTW, truck related story, I went camping for a night with a few friends of mine in the mountains. We took my truck to the base of the mountain and parked it, and took my ATV, as well as a few others, off road and up the mountain. Came back down less than 24 hours later to find 4 slashed tires, I called OnStar and had the truck towed to my tire shop, and had to get 4 new tires installed, with less than 15k on the previous ones. So it's been an aggravating week to say the least.
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    probably some tree huggin hippes...:)
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    With stock wheels and tires and proper alignment I would expect 150,000 miles or better out of a sealed hub assembly. I lost one at 90,000 on a dodge 1500, but it had large tires, wheels with very little backspacing, and a snow plow. Lost one side on a 2500 cummins at around 130,000 but the other side is still good at 150,000. That truck plows snow and has oversized wheels and tires too.
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    that's what I was thinking, This truck is bone stock, has an alignment every other oil change, and is running factory sized tires.
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    might want em to check your rear axle to for the hell of it...had my seals go @ 65k on a '03 chevy 2500hd

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