Front Mount Finish Mowers VS Mid Mount "Z" Mowers

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by ranallima, May 1, 2004.

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    Front Mount Mowers VS Mid Mount Zero Turn Mowers -
    I suspect this is a popular question - so i will look through the forums to see if i find the answers/discussions.
    In the mean time - I am in the process of reviewing trying to understand the advantages/disadvantages and pricing of these two types of mowing machines. Further i have been looking at the manufacturers (i.e: Kubota, Hustler, Grasshopper, Toro, Woods, New Holland, JohnDeere, Prowler) that make both and some that i think only make the MidMount (i.e.: BobCat, Dixon, ExMark, CubCadet, Snapper). Any thoughts on: what what criteria i should be using for determining which mower type i should focus on; what key features (maintenance, safety) i should consider; what is pricing diference; which is best to buy if pre-owned; etc.
    We have more than 3 acres of mowing to do every weekend. Our lawn characterisitics include: is not perfectly flat - lots of rolling and bumps; trees to mow around; some wet spots during spring - that our Toro 520H (60" deck) Lawn Tractor gets stuck in.
    I am somewhat picky about how the lawn looks when finished but i can't afford the time it takes to get it done with the Toro 520H. I need to get either the Front Mount Mower or Mid Mount Zero Turn Mower for my wife or Boys to do the job (and do it well) with.
    Any Thoughts? Thank You Very Much
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    Well you didn't get a response because you posted your ? on the web site discussion board.
    I run both types of mower and find the front mount (Walker) offers a fine cut, easier trimming capability, easier service and better all around hill performance.
    My mid mount (Gravely) is fast, a good cutter, goes through muddy sections easier.

    I find the deck on the front mount follows contours and leaves a really nice finish.
    Happy shopping!
  3. mowhigh

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    I also wanted to speed up the mowing time on my very bumpy terrain. Finally settled on the Charger ( because the 24x12 tires and pivoting front axle did a lot to smooth out the ride. It should also handle wet turf and the 19,000 fpm blade tip speed and full-floating articulated deck will provide a clean cut. If your turf is not as bad as mine, the JAZee is also an option. Both have flip-up decks (convenient maintenance) and an easy to use single joystick control that will have your wife and children (and neighbors) asking to mow!
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    I have owned both types. You will always get a smoother ride and nicer cut with a front-deck machine. Front deck machines will be more expensive, but you get more machine for your money. The front deck will handle uneven areas and bumpy areas a lot better than a midmount. Front deck mowers will get you in closer in corners and tight spots to reduce trimming.
    A midmount really is a plus if you have trailer space problems, a property with a lot of closely spaced trees or obsticlals, or a limited budget, (due to their cheaper cost).
    Grasshopper is the leader in the field of commercial grade front deck ZTR's, and always has been. Their diesel powered 321D has set the standard for the industry for years. Walker makes a fantastic mower also. However, I do not believe they are practical for a homeowner. They are a complicated machine, but hold up well with proper maintenance. They are slow, compared to most other ZTR's. They are not made for mowing rough uneven ground. They are very pricey. If you have smooth turf, they will give you a beautiful cut. I also own a Walker, so I speak from experience about them.
    Demo any machine you plan to buy to see how you like it. Good luck.
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    yes grasshopper has the 600 series for the homeowners great machine and cheeper to

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