Front mount plug aerator

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mr mow, Oct 14, 2007.

  1. mr mow

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    I saw a front mount plug aerator on a turf tiger on friday, wondering were one can be bought and if it would fit a 52 in s.s. g.d.
  2. mr mow

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    somebody must have some info

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    I know what your talking about but can't think of the manufactuer "JRCO" or something. Yes it will fit any Zero. Plus I gave a FREE bump to the top again.:waving: :waving:
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    Gator Rator is the brand name and they went out of business a few years back. It was a novel idea that didn't work as the actuator arm is not strong enough to handle the leverage of the mower that is used as weight to drive the tines into the yard. I use these actuator for different applications and they do have limitations. You also have to go straight as the tines do not turn and they will tear the lawn if you run astray. You can still find one on occasion on eBay, but no parts are availabel nor any warranty to beware.

    Here's an earlier posting when they became a sponsor:

    There is another by JRCO that is called a Hooker Aerator. A nicer idea in theory, and it does work when the ground is moist, but not when the ground is harder or dry. So it seems to work best as for spring aerations.

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