Front or rear wheel drive ?

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Stan MI, Feb 19, 2008.

  1. Stan MI

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    I am going to replace one of my push mowers this summer. I'm just starting the, I'd like verses the I'm willing to pay for, part of the search. This mower will be a self propelled. I see some have front wheel drive and some have rear wheel drive. I have used the front before never used the rear. What are the differences or advantages of the two.

    I will be using the mower for cutting the ditch next to the road. Long straight stretch. Also some trim work around trees.
  2. Landrus2

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    Go with the rear wheel drive lots more traction.:waving:
  3. fritowrdo

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    You will find that the better mowers have rear wheel drive. Go that route.

    What part of Michigan are you in?
  4. jdmcat

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    definitely rear wheel drive
  5. Stan MI

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    Fritowrdo and others

    I am close to Lansing.

    I now this must sound like a dumb question. How do you turn around with rear wheel drive ? With front wheel, I just push down on the handle to raise the front wheels off the ground, turn around, drop it down and off you go. With rear wheel I am assuming I must disengage the drive, (I would guess it would be different between models) than do the same as front wheel drive. Assuming in both cases a straight up and back path is cut.
  6. Valk

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    Most (if not all) RWDs will have some type of drive engagement mechanism on the handle bar.

    I'll recommend a Toro with Personal Pace. Toro Recycler 22" (~$400?) can be had at a lot of big-box and hardware stores...and the Toro Super Recycler 21" (~$500) is available at your local Toro dealer. Both can be bought online, I believe.

    Personal Pace is a drive system that reacts to your walking speed. The mower basically becomes an extension of your arms...and works beautifully!

    These Toros rate very high with Consumer Reports...both can bag or mulch or side-discharge. If you are not against side-discharging your clippings I KNOW you'll be amazed what these can do...especially the Super Recycler.

    I've not ever used the Recycler, but the Super Recycler will cut all the way up to 4.25"...well worth the money, IMHO. Several times, I've had the rear-bagger on as well as the side-discharge chute open. A nice option to be able to use if needed for tall and/or wet conditions.

    Good luck and happy mowing!

  7. DCE

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    Go with RWD. Front drive 21 inchers suck with traction. Especially if they are rear baggers, the front end gets lighter as the bag fills. Every cheap, front drive mower I've seen have had their front wheels worn slick because of all the spinning going on.

    RWD bagging mowers - traction improves as the bag fills up. Helps when you're negotiating sharp inclines .

    Stan MI - you turn a RWD around by totally disengaging the drive clutch, raise front end off the ground, pivot mower around, lower front end then re-engage the drive clutch and you are off and running again!
  8. Mic_bug

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    why not 4 wheel drive for the all terrain situations
  9. JRS Landscaping

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    lol get a rwd
  10. POPO4995

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    Ditto to rear wheel drive

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