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  1. ace329

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    I did it!

  2. ace329

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    Hello Everyone,

    I must say this site is wonderful, lots of information to us newbie.

    This is my 1st project and I need some help or ideals on what to do with it. This is my aunt house she has a budget of $2500.00. I need to get some ideal in what I can do to make this 1st project a success.

    I've typical do more of mowing, but want to get into the landscaping side. Here is picture of the area she wants a make over.
  3. hole in one lco

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    Are you going to make a buck or just for advertisement, and learning experience.
  4. Zach76

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    I like it. The only suggestion I would make is to maybe put something a little taller against the garage wall so as to soften the look of the siding. I can't tell what type of shrubs you have installed there, and if they will grow to a height of 4 ft or more disregard what I said. Not at all bad for a first project.

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