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Frontier pto chipper any good?

Discussion in 'Tree Service Equipment' started by Guest, Feb 1, 2012.

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    Right off the bat, there are no feed wheels on this unit. Understand that any material that goes in will more than likely need to be pushed through. This a lot of times (depending on the angles of the feed and disk) creates a "stringy" wood chip when chipping finer brush. Also this ties up your tractor, unless you plan on stock piling the brush, or atleast forces you to put the attachment on and take it off often. I think that I would look for a stand alone unit even if it did sit in the yard most the time, it adds to your versitility. And you can get used units for reasonable prices.

    An awsome referance

    and a free subscription :)
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    Im looking at buying a new Frontier brand pto driven chipper from my local JD dealer. Its $4800. I have a 2011 JD 3520 tractor I'd be using it with. It can chip up to a 5inch branch. Im looking to chip up branches that my landscaping crews bring back to the shop and spread the chips out at my shop throughout the year.

    Is this chipper any good?
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    It's the model 1105 Frontier Chipper*
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    Thank you for that link Im going to look into stand alone units. Im also looking at the frontier 1205 model which does have a roller for sucking in the branches.

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