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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by Dave Carney, Jul 21, 2007.

  1. Dave Carney

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    Does the frontrunner have a full suspension seat option or is custom ride the only option? I wanted a full suspension seat and my dealer (Chad at Kansas Golf and Turf) said the full suspension seat will fit so I added that to my order even though it's pretty expensive, all the literature I can find says custom ride is the only optional seat for this unit. He's placing my order Monday and I want to make sure we get this straight. Thanks
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    You're in luck. The full suspension seat will mount on your new FrontRunner. You are correct that the full suspension seat is expensive, but I think you'll find it well worth the money. Most people that have used that seat never purchase another mower without it. I hope you enjoy your new FrontRunner! Let us know how it works.

  3. Dave Carney

    Dave Carney LawnSite Member
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    Thanks Casey. Looking forward to it.
  4. Dave Carney

    Dave Carney LawnSite Member
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    Hopefully it doesn't sit up so high that the sticks are too low. We had the sticks on the demo up as high as they would go and it was pretty good but I think if there's more than a couple inches difference there may be a problem. I'm 6' 0", maybe somebody that size could test it out and see (?)
  5. Hushko

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    Dave, I had a 60" frontrunner that I installed a customride seat suspension kit on. The frontrunner rode pretty rough compared to my Lazer Z's. The added foam on the EVC seat that came original with the FR affords a lot more cushion in comparison to the full suspension seat (the bottom seat cushion, that is). You do sit a little higher though. I'm 6'2" and the levers were still positioned well. In fact I've got the full suspension seat on my Lazer Z XS which I would like to swap out for an EVC seat with the suspension kit added. Much more comfortable. Rob
  6. Dave Carney

    Dave Carney LawnSite Member
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    Really? Swell. Sounds like maybe i went the wrong direction. Oh well, it's only 90 minutes every other week.

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