Frost this morning

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by rvsuper, Oct 7, 2002.

  1. rvsuper

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    This morning when I got outside to hook up the trailer and sharpen the blades, etc. I saw this city maintenance crew mowing the local swimming pool which is right across the street from where I live. They were out this morning at 6:30, mowing frost! I almost had enough nerve to go over there and tell them to start mowing when the frost is gone. Anyone else ever see city maintenance crews, competitors, etc do this in the morning?
  2. dr grass

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    we mow frost also ... cant tell mother nature what to do. besides, a good set of sharp blades, youll never know the frost is there

    shep ;)
  3. Toroguy

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    If your mulching or mowing, the frost keeps the dust down. I have mulched when there was a dusting of snow, by noon the snow had melted anyhow. 6:30 is a little early however.
  4. sirsweatsalot

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    plow one day mow the next. we just got our plows ready today and un buried!
  5. lawnperfections

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    Frost!!!! Damm it was almost 90 here yesterday. We wont have a chance to see frost until Dec.

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