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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by stackz, Oct 3, 2012.

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    so when I amend and till, do I toss down lime per the package and then till? and then add more lime to the top now that the lime I put down is tilled in? I have no problem starting over from scratch in those areas. thats actually want I want to do is pick the outer small area, and do the testing/amending/tilling/etc to it so that I can make sure I'm doing it right before I go all crazy on the yard.

    I know it will probably take me two years to do it but I figure I'd rather have one small completely ruined area (or hopefully awesomely green) instead of the whole yard.

    how long after liming should I wait before I start to retest the soil to see if there was a good/bad change in soil pH?
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    If possible, all amendments should be tilled in. Lime rates can only be determined via a lab test. How long you need to wait to retest depends on the type of lime used, environmental conditions, and if it was incorporated or top dressed. Without knowing these, the safe bet is a year later.
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    Ammendments,,, would be things like heavy clay type soil mixed in with compost, and even spagmum is you have certain trouble areas... do NOT let the adobe foolishness through you off, in that reality of mixing different soils together is done by contractors who blend and sell the topnotch mixes...
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    That map just show's you what zone you are in. There is no plant info, sorry, i should have known you would look for that information there. I was going to scan some page's from "garden guide to the lower south" and "Dirr's tree's and shrub's for warm climate's" but apparently, i can get sued for doing that, so instead of typing all those word's, let me do some reading and pick plant's that i like. Your local extension office has some good info on plant's that work well in your location, that will get you started.

    I do have a question - How can you stand a 5 month threat of a hurricane ? I thought that was the worst thing about living in Savannah.
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  5. stackz

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    5 month threat? more like 7 months this year lol.

    I was here when hugo came through. I figure its just all part of it.

    I mean people are constantly worried about earthquakes in california and tornados in the mid-west but people still want to live there..

    I just roll with it I guess lol.

    I'm definitely going to contact the clemson extension office and see about how they want me to sample my soil :D
  6. agrostis

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    If you lived in Charleston through Hugo and you still live there, then you are a dedicated lifer. I was 50 mile's to the north of Charlotte NC that night and that storm sounded like freight train coming through. I remember watching transformer's on telephone pole's blowing up, there was no power in my town for 4 day's. How long was your power out, 3-4 week's ?
  7. gunsnroses

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    If I may suggest. Ditch the St Augustine. The crap should not even be for sale, yes it has a few pros...but the cons, tons of fert needed, chinch bugs, leaf spot, brown patch, take all patch, worms omg the worms, h20 requirements, and on and on. Lets say you could start over, with minimal changes to the soil, look at Empire Zoysia. A local folk to talk to would be the folks at Possum...I have never made a purchase from them, as I buy wholesale in bulk, but I do read the blog "hort hotline" at times to see what is going on up that way.
  8. stackz

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    well I was 10 in 89 if that matters :p but yeah, it was a wild night that I remember vividly. chinaberry tree in backyard was down on ground at the eye, and standing back up after it was over.

    HUGE pine in back (14' trunk I kid you not) fell across property and luckily hit nothing. a company that had been pestering my dad for YEARS for it actually paid to haul it off since he said he was gonna burn it. made beautiful coffee tables/dining room tables all in one piece, one they gave to him.

    cant help it, I love this town. I love the salt water, I love the local oyster clusters, the music, downtown, etc....I just hate my lawn lol.

    we were out of power for 2 months. we did have generators and army MRE's though.
  9. stackz

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    st. augustine looks very beautiful when done right and is a very charlestonian grass. I've honestly never seen the seed for sale in the stores though. I usually just let the patches I have to go seed for a week or two before I mow them. doesnt seem to help lol.

    my backyard is mainly bermuda grass at this point which seems to be handling the heat/dry down here during the summer. the st. augustine does as well but it doesnt spread. I'll take a pic of the backyard, I do believe it is bermuda and not zoysia/fesque though. I'm horrible at identification lol.

    I'm gonna be calling the clemson extension here in a couple minutes to find out what I need to do for testing.
  10. stackz

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    ok, called them up and they only charge $6/sample and each sample needs 2cups of dirt. I think I'm gonna do all three separate areas in my front yard.

    I asked them what they test for and they said it depends on what I want to plant exactly so I guess I'll see what they say for bermuda and/or st. augustine. will get them to do insect tests (if possible) and disease tests (mold, fungus) if possible.

    great part is they are not to far out of the way on my way to/from work yay! they said it takes about 2 weeks for results though so it probably wont be until mid november that I post since I'll just be heading out for my honeymoon when the results come out mostly likely.

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