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LawnSite Silver Member
Dover, DE
I lost two accounts today because the 14 year old kid that just moved in next door needs some spending money. These accounts were part of 3 that were next door to each other.

I may be losing the third one soon, as the kid is mowing for "next to nothing".

I'm just venting a little here.... I just left my full time job, and right away lose 2 customers. This is by no means going to ruin me, but it is frustrating that I put all this time and money into this business, and some kid that does not have to worry about taxes, paying for state and city licenses, insurance, ect come in and undercuts me severly because he needs a little spending money.

What sucks the most is that the two homeowners are telling me that they loved my service, and that I did absolutly nothing wrong, they just want to help the kid out. I would rather have been fired because I screwed.

I am sympathetic to the kid who is out trying to make a buck, but in the end I get the shaft.

Thanks for reading my little temper tantrum.

Shawns Lawns

LawnSite Senior Member
Charge them more is they call you back.:waving:


LawnSite Bronze Member
Hang in there, when it gets hot the kid might become a little less reliable. Unfortunately this is pretty typical. :cry:


LawnSite Silver Member
Garner, NC
I have practically gotten out of the "mow and blow" business. Full-service year-round accounts is all I take now. Between that and the "personal service" I offer my customers, the kid down the street can't take my business.

Besides, it's not what he'd want anyway.:)


LawnSite Senior Member
Baltimore Md.
When they call you back raise them $5.00 per cut. New rates for new customers. They will call it's not hot yet.