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  1. kylecal91

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    Just had a customer that thinks $475.00 is too much for laying down 4 yds. of mulch (at 29.00 per yd. from my supplier), trimming 12 med. sized bushes, edging, weeding and cleaning out beds plus edging, cleaning, and mulching around 5 trees, not to mention delivery and haul away for the job. I charge 60.00 per hour for 2 guys. Am I expensive or is he just cheap? I have customers who think I'm really a good deal and I guess I have a few who think I am expensive. Your thoughts?
  2. markahurley

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    it's hard to say exactly without being able to see the shrubs, but your prices sound like you are very reasonable. as i'm sure you know, prices vary greatly area to area, but around here we see everyone from 30 to 60 per man hour. i try to stick to 30, and i find the whole spectrum of responses as well. some think it's a great deal while others act surprised. i try not to sweat it. what they don't realize is that 30 an hour is not straight profit, but has to cover all the overhead (fuel, equipment, maintenance, etc.). if i have the chance, i try to explain that to the surprised customers, but i've found that you can't use logic with illogical people. :)
  3. MikeTA95

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    I have the same problem. Just stick to what you need to charge to be profitable. There are a lot of cheap-o's out there who want everything for nothing. It's just one job, if they choose not to go with you they'll either try it themselves and remember why they were paying someone else to do it, or get someone who does it cheaper and get exactly what they paid for (then gladly fork over $475 to you next time)
  4. MumCity Landscaping LLC

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    I just quoted a guy for a spring cleanup and to lay 12 yards for 1400.00. He pretty much laughed in my face and said no way. I told him that his yard wasnt cleaned in the fall and he told me that it was done. There must have been a layer of leaves in each bed. My wife helps me sometimes and she agreed that there wasnt a Fall cleanup done. Trust me i get frusterated to and wonder if im to high. I want the work but dont kill your self to make that money. He will get someone that is so cheap the job is crap and he wont even care.
  5. 05 superduty

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    I get between $65 and $85 per yard installed, i wouldn't do half that job for that price(good thing they didnt call me). If they dont wanna pay you your price,just move on, someone else always will.
  6. Shegardi

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    from Ohio
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    Could not agree's opportunity is NOT the only opportunity.
  7. mike174

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    Not too expensive in my opinion.
  8. jrodgers

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    Start steppin.....move on and don't second guess your pricing.
  9. motorscot

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    I would have quoted:
    4 yds @ $34 (includes tax and markup) = $136
    delivery = $50
    labor = $136
    shrubs 12 @ $7 = $84
    beds @ $50/hr x 2 = $100
    Total = $506

    And been happy.
  10. BearWise Landscapers

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    I agree. It is tough to pass on clients, but if you can't make money off on the job, then I wouldn't worry about it.

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