FS 16HP Billy Goat Leaf Loader - Excellent $2,000 firm

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by Darryl G, Aug 23, 2014.

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    For sale 16HP Billy Goat Leaf Loader. Only has a few hours on it...estimated 4 or 5. Looks and ran great last time I started it, will confirm that's still the case. The hose has a few more hours on it...lent it to a friend with the same unit. The unit itself has never seen weather...stored indoors 100% of the time. Starts first pull and runs like new. I just don't use it. I think it's a 2005, but as you can see it's in great shape. You can add the new Piranha shredding blade on it (bolts to front of impeller) to reduce the leaves more, according to my dealer. I think he said it was in the $30 range.

    It has the tailgate mount kit, the tall 360 degree rotating discharge pipe and the Briggs & Stratton 16HP Vanguard engine. The only defects on the unit itself are a couple of light scratches on the discharge pipe and a little flaking paint where it rotates on the flange. My buddy wore the hose a little bit so that the metal around the hose started to wear through the fabric a little (thus the duct tape) and there is some light rust on the hardware. It's still in very good condition though and lightly used.

    Price is $2,000 firm, no trades. I will stand behind this unit 100%...other than the little wear on the hose and a little flaking paint where the chute rotates on the flange, it's in perfect condition. It has never been wet! Save yourself $1,000+ over new. Manuals included.

    I'd rather not ship but I can help load it to your truck or trailer no problem (have tractor with front loader if you can't help lift).

    I check here pretty often so a private message works good for me.

    The unit is on the CT shore, Old Saybrook vicinity.

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    hmmm..looks like the photo links got broken somehow. Hopefully the video is all anyone needs to see.
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    If you can deliver to DC I will buy it.
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    id like to ask whats the difference between a 16 and 18 hp unit, as well as the difference between a 18hp and say a 25hp, is it mainly the rate at which the material can be vacuumed up, or are there other benefits. I know I want to buy one for this leaf season, I'm thinking 18hp is a good starting unit? New on ebay they run 3200.
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    I've never run the 18hp so can't speak for the difference. The new Billy Goats are a bit different as far as how they are set up. Be sure to add the cost of any mounting options and discharge chute options. There would be an extra cost to get a unit with the hanger and extended discharge chute with their current models.

    Considering my asking price and the condition of the unit, I'm not delivering it. The condition is basically what it would be after you use it for a day.
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    I'll take a cold-start vid too if that's something anyone needs.
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    Surprised I still have this thing honestly. I guess I'll put up locally on CL.

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