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    It has a new plug and the gas is new. Doesn't take us to long through 4 gallons. I also run alittle rich, probably around 35:1. I cleaned the screen and tried that also and it didn't help, also left it out and no difference. One guy told me you have to run it 50:1 or it will put a hole in the piston. I don't believe him one bit. How many things do you know that blow up from running rich. From what I can recall not to many I'd rather run alittle rich than lean. thank you guys for all the replies and if I find anything I'll keep you posted.<p><br>Mark<p>Hey Yardsmith where in oh are you? medina here.
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    Agreed. One of the first things I do now is remove that troublesome muffler screen. I find my equipment goes a lot longer w/o troubles in that case. <p>-TGC

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