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FS: Complete Package - 32" Toro Proline, 5x10 Trailer, Stihl Blower/Trimmer, Echo Edg

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by kingofbling, May 15, 2006.

  1. kingofbling

    kingofbling LawnSite Member
    from dallas
    Messages: 64

    Selling the following,

    I was recently offered a full time job with overtime so im selling my lawn stuff as i will no longer have time to contribute to it, i perfer to sell all as a package. Im located in Mesquite, Tx which is about 15 Minutes from Downtown, Dallas and 10 Minutes from Kaufman County.

    32" Toro Proline - T-Bar
    Mower was used 5-7 times only, my guess would be less than 15 hours.
    Purchased in March 2006

    21" Toro Proline 5.5hp Honda
    Purchased in March 2006

    FS100RX Stihl Trimmer
    Purchased in March 2006

    BR550 Stihl BLower
    Purchased in March 2006

    PE200 Echo Edger
    Purchased in March 2006

    5x10 Landscape Trailer w/Gate/Blower Box/Weed Trimmer Rack (Black)

    All items except trailer have a mfg warranty in effect, if these can be transfered to the new owner then you will also get a warranty on all the equipment through the mfg. All products were registered as "commercial" use.

    Please PM me a offer and for pictures.
  2. duelly44

    duelly44 LawnSite Member
    Messages: 37

    would you be willing to sell me the stick edgers, trimmers and blowers? and ship them to 48313 detroit area for extra charges? let me know
  3. Michael J. Donovan

    Michael J. Donovan Head Moderator, Online Communities Staff Member
    Messages: 3,919

    Please remember, you are not allowed to post an email address. Ask that they send you a PM, call or reply to your thread.
  4. no1knosme12203

    no1knosme12203 LawnSite Member
    Messages: 38

    i am interested in everything. especially the 32" and 21". can you give me a ballpark figure of how much you were looking for? i really want them and I am coming to Texas soon, so I would be able to pick them up

  5. no1knosme12203

    no1knosme12203 LawnSite Member
    Messages: 38

    I just read that you realy want to sell it as a package. If you arent willing to split it up, how much for the whole setup? I am very interested as it has everything I want, and enough for me to hire a worker, so this is exactly what I need.

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