FS Craftsman 2 Stage Snowblower

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    I have a newer Craftsman 2 stage snowblower. The machine is in great shape and runs awesome!!!!!! It starts with 1 pull. The frame is a few years old. I bought it from a guy last year who put a new motor on it because the other motor caught fire. It did no damage to the frame. It has a 5hp motor on it now. The cutting path is 26". This is the best running machine I have. All 6 forward and 2 reverse work great. Tires are in great condition and never leak. It cuts through the heavy stuff no problem. There is no rust on the machine and looks almost new. I bought this to use in my snow removal biz but it was to big to load in the truck by myself. I have only used it about 3 times. I haven't used it this year yet. I have started it and drove it around a bit. At the begining of the year I put a new plug in it and did a carb service. I was summerized at the end of last season. You can add electric start if you'd like. Come by to see it in action. I can deliver it anywhere around McHenry or between McHenry and Geneva off Randall Rd. Please feel free to call 630-742-9920 Jim
    I am also open to trades for landscaping items, trailer, commerical mowers etc




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    Sorry I'm asking $375

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