FS: Dodge Ram 1500 / Dakota SuperChips Flashpaq 02-08

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    NEW IN BOX UNOPENED! Asking $459.00 plus Shipping

    The all new Flashpaq is proof you don't need big bucks to put a smile on your face, just someone with experience where it counts.

    Choose from multiple power levels and a variety of user-tunable options. Flashpaq contains multiple dyno-proven tunes with either 87 or 91- Octane so you can choose according to your need for speed. Tire smoking comes stanadard for all makes and models.

    There's no hard part in the business that will give you more power per dollar. But if you like hard parts, we'll work with you. Flashpaq is friendly with almost every cold-air intake package, low-restriction exhaust system and even some aftermarket throttle bodies.


    Available Data Acquisition at Flashpaq.com
    Adjust Shift Points "Coming soon"
    Enhance Shift Firmness
    Eliminate Speed Limiter
    Recalibrate Speedometer for Larger Tire Sizes (22.5” to 42”)
    Adjust Rev Limits
    Choose from Three Available Performance Settings
    Superchips Tuning will work with Air Intake Filter Kit when stock Mass Air Meter is used, After Market Headers and Cat Back Exhaust


    Performance Tune:
    5.7 Hemi Max 21.4 HP and 34.2 ft lbs torque
    4.7 Max 21.9 HP and 19.4 ft lbs torque
    5.9 Max 46.9 HP and 59.4 ft lbs torque
    5.2 Max 18.7 HP and 30.2 ft lbs torque
    3.9 Max 17.0 HP and 28.0 ft lbs torque
    Performance Tow: Improve tow ability
    87 Octane: Improve drivability and reduce fuel expense

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