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FS: Lightly used Lesco Spreader with spray tank!

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I was going to keep it but decided I wont be doing any fert this year so I may as well get rid of it.

Its 2 years old, barely used. Last year I got the synergy drop in spray setup for it. This spreader is awesome with the tank. You can spread fert and spray your herbicide. The spray tank is 2 gallons but its a high pressure, low volume pump so you can get 16,000 sqft of spraying coverage from it.

$850 into it

Selling for $500

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Works great! Needs to go
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Got to go!

A new spreader is $379. Im asking $500 which includes the synergy tank. I just bought it mid last season for $400. That means for an extra $120 over a new spreader only, you are getting a wet and dry spreader. This setup works really well. It sprays the same width as it spreads.
Yes I still have the unit. It has to go. I will also include a carrier I made for it which goes in the rear receiver tube. It works awesome.

$500 including the carrier.

This has to go, its just taking up space in my garage.

Also, please email me mobileaudioguy(at)

Im out of the business so I dont come by here often

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