FS NEW Toro 48" Hydro Walk-Behind Mower W/T-2 Controls

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by bodacious, Mar 1, 2011.

  1. bodacious

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    Brand new, never mowed grass, Toro Commercial Walk behind mower featuring dual hydro motors and the 48"floating deck with the T2 control system. The mower comes with an electric start 19 horsepower Kawasaki with 2 hours on the meter from starting it during the winter and from me practicing on the T2 controls in my garage. Upon purchasing, I had the Toro dealer install OEM mulching blades, not the mulching kit, just the blades. It comes with all paperwork, keys, and DVD. The full factory 2 year warranty is remaining. I purchased this mower a week and a half ago for what I thought was a good deal of $6037 plus tax. It was delivered this past Saturday.

    I am asking $5500 cash. No delivery, pick up only.

    Due to my recent shoulder surgeries I am forced to only be able to use a walk behind mower which features electric start. I just sold my Scag Pro V and purchased this Toro because of the electric start feature. While I was looking at the Toro's, I decided a 40" hydro would be perfect for what I need. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a 40" hydro version with the T2 controls and electric start, so I purchased the same mower in the 48" variety. Yesterday, one of our local Toro dealers( not the same dealer I purchased this mower from) called and he has found me the 40" version I was looking for.

    I can live with the 48" I currently own, but I would prefer to have the 40". So if you are in the market, and would like a brand new mower at a solid discount, please drop me a line.

    I will not sell this mower for $4000 or anything like that, so please keep your low ball offers to a minimum. I am not hurting for money, I don't need to sell. My last mower sold to a great guy, hopefully this one will as well.

    The mower and myself are located just south of Nashville, TN. I can be reached at 615-517-5744 if you are interested.

    Toro 1.jpg

    Toro 2.jpg

    Toro 3.jpg
  2. bodacious

    bodacious LawnSite Member
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    Additonal pics per request.

    Toro 4.jpg

    Toro 5.jpg

    Toro 6.jpg
  3. bodacious

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    I spoke to the dealer today and he said he would sell me the 40" for $5300 out the door, so that is the new price on the 48". $5300 firm.
  4. ParkerLawn

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    I bought the Scag Pro-V from this guy and you can guarantee you are getting exactly what he describes. Very honest and helpful. Best of luck with this sale.
  5. bodacious

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    Thank you for the kind remarks.
  6. lilweeds

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  7. bodacious

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    My dealer has one left over from last year.
  8. lifetree

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    bodacious -- You might want to reconsider that 40" WB ... alot of people on LS have said thay've had very serious clogging issues with the 40" deck and those short blades !!
  9. bodacious

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    The mower now has 10 hours and has had it's break in oil change. I will entertain a trade for a grandstand in the same condition.
  10. BigGreen1

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