FS Scag Pro V dual hydro 48" Walk behind w/velkie 23 hours

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by bodacious, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. bodacious

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    For Sale Scag Pro V 48" dual hydro walk behind. It has the floating Velocity deck, 17 hp Kawasaki with 23 hours on it, the factory velkie, and the new style v-bar controls. I purchased this mower in early February of '09 after my Lowe's mower fell apart on me. I have only used it on my .68 acre yard. I do not have a landscape business nor do I cut anyone else's yard. The mower comes with all paperwork and keys from the original purchase. The original purchase price was $6200 and some change. I have had it serviced twice at the local Scag dealership, Franklin Kubota. The first service was at 10 hours. And the last service was perfromed at 22.2 hours. I have started it several times this winter to keep it warm, taking it to a grand total of 23 hours. I have not cut any grass since the last service in October. The last service receipt will be included in the sale (I am looking for the first service receipt, at this time I have not found it). Both services included oil changes, greasing, and blades sharpening. There is 1 year of factory warranty remaining on the deck.

    The mower is in perfect shape and performs beautifully. There are no issues. You are welcome to speak wiith Josh at the Franklin Kubota, he will vouch for the condition. I bought this mower knowing that it was overkill, but I wanted a great mower that would last me 20 years and if I moved to a bigger yard, it would still be able to perform the task at hand. Unfortunately, I have had shoulder surgery (rotator cuff due to and old injury) and I will be unable to use it this season.

    I am asking $4500 cash. This is for local pick up only as I do not have a trailer nor at truck to deliver. I am located in Brentwood, TN just south of Nashville. I have pictures for interested parties. I have only offered it on lawnsite, but I will advertise it locally in the next week or two.

    I can be reached at 615-517-5744, please no calls after 8:00 pm CST, I have kids under 2 and will be skinned alive by my wife if I wake them up. You can PM if you like, I will check this site daily. Thank you for looking.

    Just for clarification, I do not need to sell this mower, so please keep the lowball offers to yourself.


    LS Scag 1.jpg

    LS Scag 2.jpg

    LS Scag 9.jpg

    LS Scag 8.jpg

    LS Scag 7.jpg
  2. bodacious

    bodacious LawnSite Member
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    More pictures. I will gladly take more if needed.

    LS Scag 3.jpg

    LS Scag 4.jpg

    LS Scag 5.jpg

    LS Scag 6.jpg
  3. MowingMowingMowing

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    Bump for you, good looking mower!
  4. bodacious

    bodacious LawnSite Member
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    To clarify some PM's, I will take paypal, but the buyer will have to pay the 3% fees. Thank you for all of the responses.
  5. Miller Time

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    very nice! you'll sell it this time.
  6. johnnybravo8802

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    That's a nice mower. I tried out a 36" a couple of summers ago and loved it. My worker was in love with it like no other. Our local dealer has a new 36" for $4900 and I'd love to have it but he also has a Grandstand for $5700 and I'm crossed between the two. I'd love to have a Pro-V but it's tough when you can get a stander for $5700. That has no reflection on your mower, I'm just saying it's a nice machine and I'm talking out loud. If you still have it in a couple of months and are negotiable, I'd love to talk to you about it. Good luck.:waving:
  7. bodacious

    bodacious LawnSite Member
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    The local dealer offered me $4300 for a trade, so I guess that is my bottom dollar.
  8. ParkerLawn

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    from KY
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    Sure wish you would have taken that earlier when I asked as I bought that exact mower today.
  9. juststartin

    juststartin LawnSite Senior Member
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    If your bottom dollar ever gets to about 2500 just let me know.
  10. rsp1961

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    What a Moh-ron. Nice mower, free bump. Just a thought though: Your dealer will only do $4300 on trade. Meaning you would have to buy another mower to get that amount. You are selling this one because you do not want or need a commercial mower.

    If I get the contracts I have bid on, then I will be looking you up with $4000 cash in hand. This is a beautiful machine. Good luck.

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