FS Snapper Pro S150XT - 52" Deck - 26 HP Vanguard

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    Selling my late 2014 Snapper Pro S150XT, which I used for maintaining my own property and a few customers. It's an awesome mower, very fast (hence low hours despite getting a good flow of customers), light on fuel use and upgrade with a few accessories to make it great for 1-2 man operations. It takes me about 40 minutes to mow an acre if there aren't too many obstacles to avoid, and the customers are always pleased.

    Unit is in perfect condition, no missing parts, no mechanical problems, fully maintained, very light use (34 hours). Has the 26 HP Briggs Vanguard Commercial series engine...one of the best engines out there. Super reliable and fuel-efficient. Change the oil and keep the filters clean, and the engine should run forever.

    Currently set up with the mulch kit which shreds grass clippings in a single pass just good as side discharge, also perfect for leaf clean-up (awesome money maker, because I can clean up leaves just about as quickly as if I were only mowing the lawn).

    All original accessories included, which consists of the side discharge chute, original wheels and turfmaster tires (100% tread on original tires), smartlink platform w/core aerator & dethatcher.

    Asking $8,250 for everything. Contact me privately on here if interested. Pickup only. Located in Hatfield, PA.

    • Carlisle AT-101 Rear Tires (excellent grip on hills and wet ground)
    • Rims for AT-101 with aluminum hub offsets (ATs wider than OEM tires)
    • Ball Hitch for towing
    • Snapper Mulch Kit (cuts just as good as side discharge but lawns are clean.)
    • Agri-Fab SmartLink Platform with ball-hitch receiver
    • Core Aerator
    • Dethatcher
    • Striping kit
    Full Details
    • Snapper Pro S150XT 52" iCD Deck
    • 26 HP Briggs & Stratton Vanguard Commercial Vtwin Engine
    • Adjustable Comfort Seat
    • Dual Selectable Fuel Tanks (10 gal total)
    • Snapper Mulch Kit Installed
    • iCD Cutting Deck is one of the best in the industry
    • Hydro-Gear ZT-5400 hydro drives with fans
    • Marbain Steel Blades (lighter and do not need sharpening as often)
    • Heavy Duty Side-Discharge Chute and Blades included
    • Maintenance-Free Front Casters never go flat
    • Carlisle AT-101 Rear Tires on Custom Wheels
    • Original Turfmaster Tires on OEM Wheels included
    • Standard Ball Hitch for Towing
    • Agri-Fab SmartLink Platform + Aerator + Dethatcher
    • ~34 hours

    The first photo shows what it looks like with the factory tires/wheels. It currently has the AT-101s installed, as is visible in all other photos. I clean it with my blower before putting it away each time. Helps keep it looking like new.

    D8C_5960.jpg D8S_0171.jpg D8S_0174.jpg D8S_2284.jpg
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  2. SlapDatGrass

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    Here's an approximate breakdown on price:

    - Mower $7,400 new
    - AT101 + Wheels + Spacers $450
    - Mulch Kit $300
    - Aerator + Dethatcher + Platform $320
    - Ball Hitch + Adapter + Receiver $100

    Totals up to $8,570 and I'm asking $8,250 because it's basically all brand new stuff. I am open to reasonable offers to get it sold a little quicker.
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    33.9 hours and only looking to take a $320 loss. Nice machine you have there, and some nice accessories. Either way it’s still used. Not knocking your price or anything but might want to look up it’s used value for a faster sale. Best of luck.
  4. SlapDatGrass

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    Like I said, I'm open offers. Channel Trump and negotiate.
  5. SlapDatGrass

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    BUY NOW >>> $7,850

    Mowing season is right around the corner - NOW is the time to get your mowers ready.
  6. SlapDatGrass

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    Bump for a quick sale on a great machine with profitable accessories!
  7. SlapDatGrass

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    Need to get this sold by end of week!

    Get a great deal on an excellent mower in like-new condition!

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