FS: Toro PowerMax 6000 snowblower, new 12-24-04! Must go now!

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by FrankenScagMachines, Feb 2, 2005.

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    I have for sale a Toro PowerMax 6000 snowblower. I purchased it new on 12-24-04, so its just a month old. I only needed it for that one huge storm we had, but now I have bills to pay and no room to store it, so it must go. Here's the specs:
    7hp 2 stroke motor (starts easy, runs really strong, and no warm-up time, plus less to go wrong than a 4-stroke)
    26" wide with tall intake
    2 stroke system, serrated auger for cutting ice (and does that well), huge blower fan (this thing really throws well)
    plastic chute with joystick control for up down side to side (very very nice)
    6 spds foward, 2 reverse, a speed for any condition!
    electric start (plug into wall) and rope start with a large handle for use with gloves.
    Have all papers, manuals, video, and warranty registration card has not been filled out. Fill it in with your name, and the full 2 year warranty is yours!

    This thing is still new, only a few hours of actual use put on it. It has to go. I paid $1271 after tax (they wanted $50 to assemble it but I did that myself).
    Its yours today for $1000. It has to go!!!

    Located in Columbus, Indiana. South of Indianapolis 45 minutes on I-65. An hour and a half from Louisville or Cincinnati. Delivery or partial delivery possible.

    Please email me at eric@cuttingedgelawncare.biz for details.

    In these pictures, it was in 2nd gear for the first pic (28" deep) and 3rd gear in the second picture (20" deep). Never lugged hard or clogged up. Unbeleivable little machine. I would be tempted to keep it but this was a once-in-a-lifetime snow even for us, never really need a 2 stage blower around here. This thing is just an awesome snowblower and I know it will make you a lot of money as it did for me. Also, you know how you always are replacing the shear pins on your snow blowers? This one has a special heavy duty gearbox design that does not use a shear pin! How's that!! The specs sheet says 40' throw distance- 1,800 lbs. per minute capacity! It handles deep wet snow and ice like a hot knife through butter.
    if you look this one up on Toro's website, they also refer to it as a model 726TE.



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