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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by PurpHaze, May 24, 2007.

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    Went to a combined pump efficiency and VFD seminar today put on by the Center for Irrigation Technology unit of Fresno State University. Bill Green from FSU was the presenter and did a tremendous job explaining things so everyone could understand without a lot of math, from novice to engineer. We had four district employees attend (our Ops/Maint Director, two electricians that service our 27 pumnps/wells and myself) and it brought things into a realm where we better understand the relationship between supply and demand.

    It pertained to larger ag/turf pumps but the information was valuable for any type of pumping situation. It was a real eye-opener (although I've seen pump efficiency tests performed in the field before) and the visual presentation was fantastic. First half of seminar was inside where a Power Point presentation was started on basic pumping, terminology and energy costs, etc. We received tons of very professionally printed materials that have been put together by both FSU and Southern CA Edison.

    Then we went outside where the presentation continued with the aid of their mobile pumping station. To see pump curves on a screen and then have actual feedback show up on the screen via the computer when they manipulated the pumps (turbine and centrifugal) by remotely opening and closing electric valves or tweaking with a manual valve. It was amazing to watch the GPM and/or PSI fluctuate depending on the load that was placed on the pumps. They also demonstrated drawdown and what effect lowered water tables do to a pumping station.

    Summary: (1) VFD is not for everyone or every situation; (2) VFD will not always save you money (quick payback) nor always increase pump efficiency; (3) free pump efficiency testing can save you money if you correct your pump problems.

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    Thats pretty awsome Purp....Congrats...Not sure if we are still in pre-shcool but ill try to strike a conversation with ya cause i like you....

    Does your company pay to have you go or do you attend out of personal benefit..Just wondering...any way have a great day..

    THE ROTAR...PS. check out my drip thread....you might learn something.
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    Also asked yestreday if the CIT "nozzle certification" program was still going strong and it is. Although all major manufacturers have inhouse testing facilities they still send them to CIT for independent certification. CIT has also been asked by several pump manufacturers to start a "pump efficiency certification" program for new pumps. They're doing the research and developing the testing standards and software to take this on.

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