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Fuel additives and stabalizers?

Vibe Ray

LawnSite Senior Member
Slidell, LA
Who here uses feul additives and stabalizers and why? Don't they extend engine life? Are they worth it? Let me in on the scoop guys!!!


LawnSite Member
I agree only for long winter storage. We have too many pieces of equipment. Any way were only down a few months, and even then were using snow blowers. The only thing I do do is always change the 2-cycle and spray out the carbs. You might want to put some gas line dryer in the 4 cycle equipment, I seem to always seem to get condensation in the fuel.


LawnSite Silver Member
Central CT
I added Sta-bil to a full tank of fuel in my big snowblower spring of 97, did not use it since, last week it started up on the second pull (all I did was drain the float bowl on the carb). I decided to dump the gas and put fresh stuff in just to be safe, but as I found out the stuff really works for long-term storage.


LawnSite Fanatic
I fill tanks and add correct amount of Sta-Bil, run engines for a 1/2 hour, then fill gas tanks to the VERY VERY top. Do not add dry gas, it will attract moisture. Been following this procedure for 10 yrs and no problems. Before that I would drain gas and let engine run until its out of gas. This caused more problems than it prevented. Stuck floats, gummed up carbs and 1/2 hr of rope starting in spring.


Richard Martin

LawnSite Fanatic
Greenville, NC
I put fuel stabilizer in everything at the end of the season whether the fuel is removed or not. The reason being is it is virtually impossible to remove all of the fuel and those last little bits of fuel left in a carb can cause havoc as Dixie 1 found out the hard way. Also in machines with a fuel pump it is <b><i>not</b></i> a good idea to run the machines dry bause it leaves the fuel pump diaphragms dry and they can deteriorate quicker this way.

John DiMartino

LawnSite Silver Member
I used to use stabil in the fall to keep the fuel fresh all winter,but this year I switched to a fule conditioner made by shaeffers,it stabilizes the fuel and is an engine cleaner as well,it prevents the buildup of carbon in 2 and 4 cycles,I do not get any buildup in the exhaust of my 2 strokes-never have to clean screens on trimmers and blowers,and when i take out the spark plug-it looks asclean as when i put it in.I only put this in myDC every 3rd tank of so-since it isnt cheap to use-but i use it in all my 2 cycles,all year since I only burn 40 gallons or less between my trimmers and blowers,in a season.I also use this stuff called Sea-foam-it is available thru Napa only,it is an engine cleaner-this stuff really works excellent,you add some to the fuel,and run some thru the carb while its running,bring it up ,just off idle,add about 10 oz,actually stall the motor with it,fload it out,and let it sit for 5 minutes-then restart it-man it sure loosens carbon deposits up good.IT'll smoke for a good 10 minutes after that.My brother has a Northstar cadillac-the factory recommended this product ,because he was having carbon knock-from build up on the intake valves.4 cans of this stuff in a weeks time cleared it up and its never idled this smooth since he's bought it.Well since then i have tried it in my pickups,mowers,ATV's,golf carts etc...I am very happy with the results from everything i treated.Most of my equipment has at least 2-4000 hrs on it,so they all needed a good decarboning anyway.