fuel charge or price increase??

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by buzzz427, May 18, 2008.

  1. buzzz427

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    With fuel prices like a roulette wheel this year (round and round it goes where it stops nobody knows) I have been contimlpating how to compinsate for the rise is cost whether wo increase pricing or ad a percentage fuel charge anyone have incite on which will bring less comlaints. Also am I the only one on this sith to run huskvarna eguipment I have a 2000 comercial z42in and I think it is a great machine and I also use husk. trimmers as well.
  2. mattfromNY

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    I love my Husky trimmer.
    I just called all my customers and raised prices as much as I figured they would handle- some went up $10.00, others just a $1.25. Only lost one or two, and dropped a few that were off the beaten path. Hard to make those calls, but didn't hurt as bad as pulling up to the gas pump.
  3. Lehighlawnpros

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    We raised our rates about 5% last season, which helps.

    And we're also looking for ways to conserve fuel:

    Keeping the routes tightly condensed,

    A Toyota 4-cylinder truck :)

    A new diesel mower (Grasshopper 722D);
    uses about half the gallonage that our gasoline
    mowers used,

    And I got my first Husky Trimmer this year (326LS).
    I like it so far, it's very lightweight at 9 lbs,
    good enough power for grass trimming, and uses about half the fuel that my Shindaiwa T-270s used.

    Plus, unfortunately, at this time the drought conditions and resulting irrigation restrictions here in SW Florida are still only allowing us to mow about once every three weeks, please send us some rain :)

  4. old oak lawn

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    started telling customers 2 days ago that price is going up next cut. most only $5.00 and not all but most.
  5. Precision Lawns

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    We did a fuel surcharge of $2.00 per visit on all customers. This of course will go up when gas rises, and down wen it comes back down (if ever). All new lawns are priced according to the new gas prices. Hope this helps.

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