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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by michael bucher, Apr 12, 2002.

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    My company has 5 trucks that we run. I have three of them that formans take home. I am not really in favor of this practice, but my partner feels strongly that this helps the guys as a "perk". My question is, how do I regulate the use of their gas during off hours. It's almost impossible to check their mileage each day because sometimes I won't even see these guys. Any suggestions or experience in this. I don't like paying the gas bill for them to run around after hours!

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    I have a friend in the HVAC business. He has 20 some odd trucks and lets them all go home with the guys. His only stipulation is that the guys pay for the gas.....ALL OF IT....and wash the trucks before each Monday.....

    Depending on how much gas, that kinda takes away the perk, but it solves the problem. Maybe a variation of that would work for you.

    Personally I don't think the trucks should go home, just my opinion.
  3. Yorkville

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    Check out http://www.traveleyes.com/
    They have a GPS tracking device that may help your situation and could provide additional benefits. They are about $400.00 per device though.
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    I know "someone" who lets trucks go home. It does work as a good perk. The employee is responsible for oil changes and washing the truck. The key is making sure the oil is getting changed. In terms of tracking gas...? I think that goes along withe cost of the benefit. I think the employee has to be a partner too in the deal. Whatever the stipulations are, they are being trusted to follow that. Caught doing otherwise would damage the relationship they have with the owner of the company. If the vehicle is be used to go to and from work only and is seen parked at the bar or the store on Saturday - then the employee shouldn't have the truck since they can't be trusted. If you ask them to reduce the mileage they drive and respect that - then they should respect it. If trucks get 10,000 miles a year on by work, and you would now expect 15,000 miles, and it's coming back with 18,000 or 20,000 a year, you know something is up.
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    I say let em pay for the gas, Hell, your letting em drive your truck for nothing else! I'd love to get a truck and only have to keep gas in it.


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