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How often do you guy change your fuel filters? On my lazer owners manuel it says "as needed". On my other mowers i did it about every six months. But haven't had a set time. Maybe I should. Waddya think?


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I change all my fuel filters once a year. Usually right before the cutting season starts. I guess "as needed" means if you re-fill under dirty conditions, combined with the number of hours yo use it.

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like bob said just change them in the spring before the cutting season gets underway and u should be fine:)


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Every 150 hours. I tried to make one last the whole season last year, by Sept the machine was in the shop for a no-start condition, main jet was plugged with doo-doo. Evidently the MTBE in our fuel hastens deterioration of the filter material.


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I change my fuel filters whenever i change the oil.i go the car parts store buy and automotive 5/16inline and put it on
couple qts oil,couple bucks for an oil filter,whats another
2.50.....peice of mind oh oil changes at 100-125 hrs, hydro
on my walker 15w50 mobil 1 every 250hrs...its only money you can't take it with you.

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<b><i>peice of mind oh oil changes at 100-125 hrs</b></i>

I would be up all night wondering when my engines were going to blow if I changed oil every 100 to 150 hours. I average around 25 hours between oil changes and 50 hours on the oil filter. Since I use see-thru fuel filters I change them as needed. Usually twice a year.


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Maybe you should scrap those Briggs and get a real engine. I change the oil in my Kohler Command 18 every 100-150 hours, maybe the filter if I have one, uses no oil, no repairs since I bought it in 96, 1500+ hours.

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Good one Bill! If you read this months Lawn and Landscape
article about mower mainteance it says oil change every
50-100 hrs. most of the time I change my fuel filter twice
a season about every 175hrs.
Good Luck!
Hello Everybody:

The way I did it was I went by the way the oil looked. Yes it might not make sense to some of you but when I look at that oil & it looks dirty, I changed it.

I very seldom went over 50 hours changing it. Just if it looked dirty I changed it. It's very cheap maintenance & gave me piece of mind.

Fuel filters, I also used automotive fuel filters & I changed about once a season, unless I had a fuel problem.

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