Fuel Flow issues - Kawasaki FH680v 23HP

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by jimf, Jul 22, 2008.

  1. jimf

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    I have a 2005 Ferris 1000z KAV23/52 with 151 hours on it. Engine and mower model/serial numbers in my sig block. In the middle of mowing, the engine just shut off like it was out of gas. I tracked it down to a fuel flow issue. My vacuum driven fuel pump was just pumping air. To troubleshoot, I removed the fuel line between the fuel pump and the carb and placed a bottle with gas in the loop and the mower ran fine. This had me assuming it was the fuel pump, so I bought a new fuel pump and a large bowl fuel filter. This didn't correct the problem.

    The ferris has a manual fuel tank selector valve and I did my gas bottle test by disconnecting at the valve and the mower ran fine again. When I blow into the fuel line from prior to the fuel pump to each tank, I hear air escaping only on the vented tank cap that is selected via the fuel selector, so I'm assuming my fuel lines are fine.

    Does the carb play any role in the process of "sucking fuel from the tanks".

    I noticed the fuel lines coming from the tanks exit at the top of each tank, so I'm assuming gravity doesn't come into play.

    Any suggestions on what to try next. I've seen another thread about putting real hose clamps on all three connections at the fuel pump and have no issues putting them on each hose connection but I'm struggling to understand where next to troubleshoot.

    I've even tried filling the fuel hose and fuel filter to "prime the siphon" if it were needed with the fuel pump and the mower runs fine until it exhausts all of this fuel.

    My skill level is that of a parts changer. I'm not able to take apart and clean a carb if need be.

    Thanks in advance,
  2. Nosmo

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    I had the shutdown problem along with fluctuating engine speed. My problem was the fuel filter. If your filter is completely empty when the engine shuts down that is probably your problem.

    I went to Tractor Supply and bought an Arnold/MTD larger filter for less than $5.00 and that ended my problem.

  3. Nosmo

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    I re-read your post and have thought of something else which could be the problem.

    My Tank has two fuel tanks and a couple times the right tank has had gasoline in it but the engine has acted like it ran out of gas. To temporarily solve the problem I removed the gas line at the shutoff valve on top of the tank. I then used a piece of hose placed on that valve to blow the obstruction back down the pickup tube into the tank. Try this.

  4. Phil G

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    Hi, initially I would fit new fuel lines and clips. Also any lines to and from the fuel pump. Checking fuel filters/taps, if fitted.
    It could be a partially blocked carb seeing as it only wants to run when primed.
    Am I right then machine is not running at this moment?
    Try these as first line of attack, then we'll move onto other possibilities.
    Good luck Phil:)

    COLLINSVILLE LawnSite Member
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    Hi, remove the gas lines in the tank and replace. The fuel swells the lines and they start to suck air
  6. jimf

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    I also emailed the factory (service@ferrisindustries.com) and they also pointed me towards the fuel lines in the tank (suggesting it might have fallen off). I will certainly investigate (probably Friday) and report back my findings. Thanks for all of the assistance.
  7. GravelyNut

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    I tried to move a brand new Gravely today that sounded like the same problem. What the mechanic found was that both fuel lines had broken off at the fittings going into the tanks. Clear yellow line had turned orange and crumbled if you touched it. Sounds like the OEMs got a batch of bad fuel line.
  8. fixer67

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    The way I heard it was they were using Tygon fuel line. Tygon is rated for gas but it is high. Someone tried to save so money and went with a differant vendor. Seems the vendor was not on the up and up about how long there hose would last. They now have went back to Tygon fuel hose. We had a Ferris on the display floor that happened to. The OEM did not do the switching but the vendor they were using did. That is what happens when a product goes though half a dozen vendors before it gets to the end user. Well at least that is the way I heard it.
  9. jimf

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    It was the tank fuel lines - both were swollen and had rotted off right at the fitting and grommet going into the tank. Replaced with new Tygon lines and all appears to be well. Thanks much for all of the help.

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