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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Barker's Lawn Care, Aug 25, 2002.

  1. Barker's Lawn Care

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    I've got a shin. t-260 and yesterday i was runnin it and now, all of a sudden has almost no power. Im runnin 40:1 mixture because that is what it says to use in the manuel. Could this be the problem. The dealer said to run 50:1 mix. I've already replaced the spark plug, no effect. Just curious what may be wrong and what mix. you all are running.

  2. TLS

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    IMHO 40:1 is just TOO oily. I was running 50:1 for years, and last year switched to AMSOIL 100:1. Far less problems so far.

    My guess to your problem is your spark arrestor screen. Its a fine screen similar to what you find on your kitchen faucet. It clogs easily and when it does, your power is TOTALLY gone. Here's a tip. Take the muffler appart, clean this screen, and then "Forget" to put it back in. Problem should be solved.

    Keep your RPM's up. Idling a string trimmer is the worst you can do to them. They like to rev. The rev's keep them cool, and keep the plugs from carbon fouling.

    I would suggest at least a 50:1 mixture, or give the AMSOIL a try.

    Good Luck
  3. SLS

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    Enviro Formula SMOKELESS

    It exceeds the highest worldwide performance standard E-GD+ and is fully compatible with oxygenated fuels.

    Contains FUEL STABILIZER too. 3 month old fuel runs like the fresh stuff...and carbs stay clean.

    One mix fits all. 1.8 oz. per gallon.

    3 years of heavy use in Homelite string trimmers with NO problems (easy starts, good power, clean spark plugs, no carbon buildup on the spark arrestor screens, ect.) is testimony to it's effectiveness.

    I've been waiting for those string trimmers and to wear out so I can justify replacing them with Redmax (to go with my hedge trimmers and EB7000 blower) but the Opti-2 keeps 'em running on...and on......and on....unbelievable.

    Did I mention that it really is smokeless?

    If it can do that for 'cheap' homeowner 2-cycle equipment I can hardly imagine what it will do for the longevity of good commercial-grade 2-cycle units.
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    I agree with TLS... Check and clean the spark arrester screen. Every time I had a power loss in my equipment it was due to the screen. I seem to loose my screens after I clen them so most of my equipment need the screens replaced...Someday!:cool:

  5. gravedigger5

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    I agree, My Sthil backpack I bought this year has choked up twice this year, could you believe it I lost that dang screen too, when I went to clean it the last time, don't know what happened to it. LOL :laugh: Marc

    Are We Having Fun Yet???:cool:
  6. Barker's Lawn Care

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    Thanks guys,

    That is what it was and i just got done fixing it. Runs like new. The only thing is i lost it also, darn. What a quensidense.LOL
  7. kris

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    ... not a big deal once you clean it. Keep it in.

    screen=no fires

    shame on you thefireman lol
  8. rvsuper

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    I also this spring switched to AMSOIL 100:1. I took the screen out today just to see what it did....I think I will keep it out. The Enviro Formula sounds kinda interesting.....got anymore info on that, SLS?
  9. SLS

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    Her ya go!:


    They also have a killer 4-stroke oil and special application lubrication products...just click on the "home" button at the above linked page to check out the whole shebang. :)

    Imagine thfireman tossing his spark arrestors...tsk, tsk.......what's the world coming to? ;)
  10. thfireman

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    I'm a walking spark arrester....I don't need no stinking screens!

    :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

    No really, I think there is much more danger in our edger blades sparking and causing a fire than the weedeaters.

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