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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by grassrootsinab, Sep 2, 2005.

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    Gas went up last night again. Was at $0.95/litre (about $3.60 Canadian/gallon). Went up to $1.13/litre ($4.27/gallon). Good thing we've only got about 4 weeks of real cutting left before the grass goes dormant. Hopefully it'll drop after the long weekend. Sorry to gripe about an ongoing issue but dang...how's a guy to make a profit. I already up'd my prices this spring. I don't think I'll raise again until next year... not much point with only a month left.

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    i feel your pain brother, this year is a wash. it leaves me in a fogg about snowplowing prices for the upcoming season. bottom line is people are going to have to pay and thats that.
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    Diesel here hit 130.09 a litre. Been around 124c for six months.Unleaded gas has jumped about 35c a litre in that time.
    So about $5.20 a gallon

    One litre = 0.2641721 gallon [US, liquid]

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