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    RideMor Products, LLC supplies a specialized offering of TK-7SCF Fuel Products, QuantumBlue Lubricants and 303 Products. Each product line has proven its abilities and value time and time again.

    TK-7 Fuel Products have been in use by the military, aerospace, fleet, industrial, racing and refining industries for more than thirty years. TK-7SCF fuel products are multi-benefit by design. Our TK-7SCF Fuel Products contain octane and cetane enhancers, ignition improvers, an upper cylinder lubricant, fuel stabilizers, powerful detergents, corrosion inhibitors and fuel system conditioners. No other fuel catalyst marketed today can match our technology. TK-7 formulas have been proven by the most respected laboratories in the world to meet or exceed all of the representations made by the TK-7 Corporation. TK-7 Fuel Products are EPA registered.

    QuantumBlue Lubricants contain anti-wear and heat stabilizing technologies that were specifically developed for the space industry. All QuantumBlue Lubricants contain this technology, from our premium motor oils to our hydraulic fluids and even our environmentally friendly two-stroke formulas. The QuantumBlue Technology is also available as a stand alone product. Just add it to your favorite oil or lubricant. QuantumBlue will extend the life of your hydraulic systems by eliminating nearly all wear and reducing the heat that shortens the life of your hydraulic components.

    303 Products produces the finest vinyl and fabric protectants available on the planet. 303 Products are recommended by more manufacturers to protect their products than almost any other product on the market.
    Companies such as Sunbrella, Coleman, Skeeter, Rinker and other major players all endorse 303 Products to clean, protect, and preserve their products. 303 Products are recommended for tonneau covers, fabric awnings, leather, plastic, fiberglass, rubber, your hot tub, patio furniture and umbrella.

    RideMor Products, LLC will only offer you products that have been proven to save you effort, time and money.

    Visit RideMor Products, LLC on the web at:
    www.RideMor.com to learn more about our products and see how you can improve your profits.

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    David A. Morris

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