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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Are6rider, Aug 28, 2006.

  1. Are6rider

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    I am new guy here...so I really appreciate any help anyone can give. I am basically a beginner to small engines...but I a good mechanic overall....

    I have a JD 165 Lawn Tractor with a Kaw FB460V.....it run for about 2 minutes then quits....let sit and will do the samething again...if I trickle gas in the carb...it will run forever !!! just hard to do while mowing :laugh:

    It has new gas, filter, air filter, new plug and drained the gas in bowl also...

    How do I know the Fuel Pump is working ??? or should I be looking at the Carb ????

    thanks in advance...
  2. MowerMedic77

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    First let me say Welcome to Lawnsite:clapping:
    I may be wrong but I am not sure that this application uses a pump most FB460's are gravity feed, make sure the flow out of the line before you install it onto the carb is good your gas cap may not be venting or may have a blockage in the line, with the carb bowl removed shoot some carb spray in the main set and also blow it out with some compressed air reinstall the bowl and hook up your line and see if it runs longer for you. Hope this helps:)
  3. Are6rider

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    It does have a fuel pump.....mounted on the side of the motor...line in from the tank with filter....line out to the carb...with a line to the side of the engine for vacuum. Cap is new and vented...and the line is clear from the tank to the fuel filter...so I know gas is available to the fuel pump...

    I have not touched the carb...but I will pull the bowl and check the jets.

    I pulled the line from the carb and ran the engine by pouring gas down the throat....just to see how much gas came out of the line....after about 1 minute of running...only enough gas to cover the bottom of a baby food jar...

    Bad pump ???? the cost about $50 at the JD dealer...
    Are6ride in SC
  4. MowerMedic77

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    You are right after some more searching I found they do use a pump on that app. If after a min of running all you got was enough to fill the bottom of a baby food jar, then I would say you will need a new pump the new unit may be plastic if yours is metal you may be able to rebuild it with a kit if they are still available most manufactures have gone to the plastic pump as a direct replacement.
  5. Are6rider

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    OK....thanks for the feedback.....I will repost...once I have it repaired so if anyone else has a similar problem..this may help...

    I plan to do the same test and measure the amount in the baby food jar...by the way...it is my favorite dish....strained peas/carrots !!!!!

    Thanks again...Are6rider in SC
  6. Jim@MilkyWay

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    Tell me guys, do these pumps bust diaphragms very often? My Kubota/ Kaw FC420 is the first one I have owned equipped with the pump. A few years ago I took it apart just to see if it was in fact a fuel pump, as I had never seen a pump on a mower before. Mine has never given me a problem; I was just curious if it is a routine maintenance rebuild which should be done to prevent down time after, oh say, ten years of residential service.

    UMMM UMM, strained split peas and carrots! Yea Baby, now that there's livin'!
  7. Are6rider

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    OK....went to JD dealer and picked up a new one....must have been some issue with the old design...because they have a new one...metal construction like the old one....bolts to the engine the same, hose connection identical..... installation was a "cake walk" :walking: for a guy missing one hand and 3 fingers.

    Did my test....filled half the jar in a minute........

    The JD dealer had a shelf full of the new design.....this mower is 10 yrs old and it is the first one I replaced.

    Cheers & Thanks to all :drinkup:

    Are6rider in SC....I better make sure my boat is ready....Ernesto may dump some rain on me !!!!!
  8. MowerMedic77

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    Glad to hear you got it going :drinkup: , as far as maintaining a pump I don't think there is much you can do(besides rebuild with new kit) or may just be one of those if its not broke don't fix it kind of things. As far as Ernesto Not much happened down here rain and some wind but nothing to get to worked up about. I guess its good practice for the real big storms:weightlifter:

    Hope it does not get worse for you up there good luck!
  9. Are6rider

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    Your are right....the season is just getting started.......Be like the Boy Scouts.....Be Prepared !!!! but living in Florida...you should have had plently of practice....

    Thank the Lord...the AMA Superbike Races are at Road Atlanta..I am going on Saturday....looks likes Ernesto will be going north by then.......giving the yanks heck!!!!!

    Stay dry...I will try.......

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