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Fuel sur-charge


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Arnold, Missouri
How many of you guys are charging a sur-charge? We went with the price if gas is 2.50 to 3.00 we charge 5% of the monthly bill. Over 3.oo per gallon we are charging 10% monthly bill. 10% is the most example 4 cuts @ 30.00= 120.00 plus 12.00 sur-charge for a total of 132.00. Most customers are ok with it.


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No surcharge. I figured in gas at $3.50 - $4.00 a gallon when I increased some of my clients prices before the season started. I would rather take care of it before the season starts rather than have to explain it to my clients. This way, I get the increase regardless.

General Landscaping

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Forget a "fuel surcharge"..... just raise your rates and cite rising costs as the reason.
Stuff costs more than it used to, most reasonable customers are aware of that.

If you find that a property is underbid and a normal price hike won't cut it; just tell (or write) the customer and let them know you tracked your time against your rates on all your accounts and theirs came in low. The new price is $$$.