fuel tank. from diesel to gas?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by JML, Sep 12, 2003.

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    I don't know if this is in the right section or not, but I just purchased a 100 gallon fuel tank for the back of one of our pickups. It had diesel fuel in it before. I want to put regular gas in it? How should I go about cleaning it out. The tank is currently empty. Thanks
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    hmm..if it were me, and it looked clean, I'd consider putting the gas in. Diesel in a gas engine wont hurt it like gas in a diesel engine.

    If you have CRUD in there, I'd clean it out first. I cleaned my 25 gallon diesel tank (on my industrial backhoe) by taking my pressure washer to it & spraying it all out while it drained. Then I took a garden can of diesel and sprayed it on the inside to wash the water out. Filled it up & been fine.

    If you have no crud, gas & go. If you DO have crud, wash out, maybe spray out with gas (though be careful) or use diesel as the small amount of it relative to 100 gallons of gas will be insignificant.

  3. CMerLand

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    Before you do anything with that tank you need to check with DMV regulations and the tank manufacturer to find out if that tank is legal to use to carry gasoline. Most of those crossover tanks are intended for diesal fuel only because it has a low flashpoint and will not explode due to expanding gas vapors and static electricity charges.

    In addition, you may need a HAZ MAT endorsement, insurance and license to transport any large quantity of gasoline in a single tank and comply with all state and federal laws.

    I strongly suggest you look into these factors before you turn your truck into a rolling molatov cocktail.
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    I also suggest that you check to see if it is legal for gas but you can switch back and forth from one fuel to the other as long as you empty it out good. In all reality, a little diesel is more likely to hurt an older gas engine (by lowering the octane to detonation) than a little gas will hurt a diesel (the only issue here will be loss of lubricity which will be minimal with the percentage likely to be in the fuel). But gas lawn mower engines probably aren't running that close to the detonation point anyway so the whole thing here adds up to no big deal. Just make sure it is OK for gas is all.

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    check with the D.O.T. and ask if it is ok to put gas in it. Nowadays tanks made for Diesel are NOT certified for gas, and it is illegal to use a diesel tank for gas. also if you are carrying over 999 POUNDS of diesel( or any haz-mat) you must put placards on all 4 sides of the vehicle.
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    Diesel is one thing, but gas is a whole nuther ball game. As others have suggested, spend some time checking with the state and see if they're any requirements for hauling that much gas. I'd also check with the tank manufacture and see if the tank is rated for gas. The diesel tanks that I've looked at aren't rated for gas and hauling gas in them could turn out to be a huge mistake.
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    Thanks for the input guys. The tank is rated for gas. We have an older rackbody truck, that doesn't leave the yard very often, a few times a month. The township wouldn't let me put a real fuel tank in so I figured I would put one in a truck. If the truck leaves the yard once every 10 days thats a lot. We mainly use it for one of our sanders, so this truck won't be on the road.. Its a 110 gallon tank, I just wanted to keep offroad fuel in it for the machines... Thanks for the help........


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