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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by akerr, May 21, 2006.

  1. akerr

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    I just got a dee zee transfer tank for my truck, but I am looking for some suggestions on attaching it to my truck. I have a tool box behind the cab that is fastened to the rails. The fuel tank is only 40 gallons and I want to be able to remove it if I have to so I don't want to permanently fasten it to the truck bed. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. Dstosh

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    Ratchet Strap? Maybe One of those 2 1/2 " Ones.
  3. lwcmattlifter

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    I would just bolt it to the bed rails or bed floor, how ever it's supposed to be mounted and grounded. Having a loose metal tank with fuel in the back of your truck is a fire hazard. There is just too much of a chance of building static electricity with a tank that's not bolted to the bed.
  4. JTF40

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    If (if) he is haulin' diesel in this tank, it is NOT combustable - no danger at all. However, if it is used for gasoline, DEFINATELY permanantly mount it.:usflag:
  5. akerr

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    The tank will carry diesel and it will have a connection on the under side of the truck so I can remove the tank if i need to. I don't want to bolt it into the bed, I was thinking I could have a welder fabricate something so it could be fastened to my tool box which is bolted to the bed.
  6. CutRight

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    correction, diesel is combustable, not flammable.

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