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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mowerconsultant, Apr 7, 2006.

  1. mowerconsultant

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    How much fuel do you average a week in your mower(s)?
    With today's new engines (higher hp, more torque) and technology, EFI engines, liquid cooled and of course diesels there is a push for more fuel economy.
    But at the same time manufactures are adding more on board fuel capacity to there mowers.
    What is the average fuel consumption of your mower(s) in a week?
    Inquiring minds want to know.....lol...lol....

  2. MMLawn

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    In just the mowers alone we go through hundreds of dollars of fuel a day. All of our mowers have to be filled up everyday, and some days twice a day as they get about an hour of running/cuttingper gallon and most have 9-10 gallon tanks.
  3. procut

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    I did a test on a 23hp Kohler on a 52" ZTR last summer and came up with 1.1 gallons/hour
  4. green acres lawns

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    I checked my 31hp Sabre tooth diesel when I first got it and calculated fuel consumption at .7 gals/hr. It has gotten better with age, but I haven't made an accurate test to see just what its getting.
  5. jtkplc

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    My 260Z with 25hp Kawasaki with 14 gallons of fuel capacity gets around 1.3 gph. I haven't done a study to get hard numbers, that's on the agenda for this year. But figuring roughly it's about that.
  6. chriscraft

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    Our mower go thru 10 gallons each per day on a long day but usually less maybe 7-8 pickups get 8-11 mpg luckily we dont drive more than 10 miles away from building most of the time
  7. Luvs2Play

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    2 - 23hp vertical shaft Kohlers burn 1.1 gph. - 30 gallons per week.
    1 - 25hp vertical shaft Kohler burns 1.3 gph. - 20 gallons per week.
    1 - 27hp horizontal shaft Kohler burns 1.8 gph. - 30 gallons per week.
    1 - 24hp vertical shaft Honda burns 1.6 gph. - 20 gallons per week.
    That's about the average last year. Just under 3,000 gallons for last summer.
  8. topsites

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    As a solo, I've never used more than 10 gallons / week for all the equipment but that's not 100 percent right... As of now, I'm filling up the tanks so if it ever gets busy (rain - we need rain), I'll have two 5-gallon mower tanks full plus another two 5-gallon tanks for re-filling... Start with 20 gallons and I can go for a long, long time at +10 gallons / week.

    The truck, oh I dunno, 20-25 g's / week during peak.

    Fuel budget: $100 / week max. for everything except the cars (those are personal, not related to business but... cars are $20 / week during peak for both (not each) as I like to give my estimates and do other stupid stuff in them cauz they get better mpg.)
  9. Gizmo_019

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    My new Hustler goes for exactly 10 hrs to the minute on 12 gallons. So that's somewhere around .83 GPH. Maybe it will get better as it breaks in.
  10. dcondon

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    That sounds just about right!!! Good work procut:clapping:

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