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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by turfguy, Jul 8, 2001.

  1. turfguy

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    I am finding that I make more and more trips to the gas station for fuel during my busy seasons than ever before. do any other lco use truck mounted fueltanks for gas? I was thinking about maybe a 40 gallon tank with a pump.what are the pro and con side to this? how safe is it too? just a thought
  2. Eric ELM

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    When I was pulling my enclosed 24' trailer, I bought a 105 gallon tank and a 12 volt pump since I couldn't fill the mowers at the station without unloading them.

    I ended up using my 14' open trailer and getting rid of the tank since it was an extra 1000 lbs of wieght to haul around and just fill up every 2 days now. The diesel will run 2 days without filling it and I just get an extra 6 gallons of gas for the other one.
  3. bam

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    we have 30 gallon tanks mounted on the front of the enclosed trailers. We run large crews and go thru 15-30 gallons a day per trailer. At our office we have a 400 gallon fuel tank to refill them.

    They mostly have manual fuel pumps, however some of our trucks came with an onboard gas tank, with 12v pump.
  4. Eric ELM

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    Bam, you mentioned having a 30 gallon tank on the front of your trailers. Are you mounting them to the tongue? If so, where are you finding these 30 gallon tanks? I need something to carry off road diesel for my Chopper and that would be about perfect.

    BLLSCO LawnSite Member
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    I currently use 30 gallon tanks with a pump, that is on the front of my enclosed trailer. You can find them to buy at Landscapers Supply Co., If you need the contact info, contact me and I will get you all taken care of.
  6. Sammy

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    Here in Michigan you can carry no more than 21 gallons of gas on your trailer.:)
  7. lawnboy82

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    go to a truck body dealer, they should have them. however- you are not allowed to put gasoline in it. diesel, no problem. but if the cops catch you with gasoline in a big 100 gallon tank on the back of your truck, you dont even wanna think about that ticket. reason for this is that, if you get hit with 20, 30, 40... gallons of gas on your truck in a big box, there will be a big BOOM! if you are carrying diesel it has a much lower octane rating, and is a lot less flamable. so if i was you i would check out what the CT laws are about carrying any kind of fuel in that large a quantity.
  8. rdh

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    there is a company here that is very big and they have two tanks on the open trailers one is gas and one is diesel thay look good thay are around 20 gallons each and have the 12 volt pumps.
    these look so good that i was thinking of doing this to my trailer
    these tanks are made like the trailers with the baskets for weed eaters and a space in the middle for mixed gas they are up high and look safe this is a big company called ground masters and if it was not legal they would not have them on there.
  9. Eric ELM

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    It depends on what state you live in whether or not you can carry gas in a truck. In Illinois, it is legal if it is an approved tank.
  10. SMB

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    Eric, isn't off road diesel meant only for non-taxable purposes? Is you "Dixie Chopping" taxable? You may need to start putting road diesel in it!

    Is this true?

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