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  1. chrisbolte

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    How many gallons of fuel does everyone carry? Is there any law limiting the amount you can carry on a trailer at a time. We were thinking about mounting a extra 20 gallon tank in a trailer so we wouldnt have to refuel during the day. Comments appricated.
  2. SMB

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    During the middle of mowing season, we usually have at least 2 5 gallon cans of gas, for making weed eater gas and for the push mower and our other equipment with small fuel tanks. We usually just fill our ZTR when it needs it, but since we're still a very small operation, that may be only once a week at 9.5 gallons. I have no idea about regulations, but I wouldn't thing there would be any.
  3. TLS

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    Now that I have my LC Lazer, all I carry is a 2.5g can of 2 cycle gas for edgers, trimmers and blowers. When I had my Dixie all I could mow was 3.5 hrs max before a refill. So I needed to carry a 5 gal can for that. I can go all day on the new Lazer with 1.2 g/hr @ 11 gal = over 9 hrs of cutting. Northern catalogs offer several large containers with pumps on them, one is 30 gal with a hand pump on 10" wheels for $339.99 Seems like alot of money, but may be worth it for you.
  4. chrisbolte

    chrisbolte LawnSite Member
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    I saw the thing innorthern seemed awful expensive. We are looking at maybe a plastic boat tank. Seemed much cheaper. We fill our zero turn and walk behinds and 5 extra gallons of gas and 5 gallong of mix and always refuel. We ten to work 12 plus hour days. We start in morning with 19 gallons and 5 more mix. Usually refuel at lunch another 10 to 15 gallons.
  5. Scraper

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    Use caution with the plastic style gas cans as they will generate static electricity. Also, I don't believe the plastic cans are OSHA approved. There was a link about gas cans in the past year, but I can't see it.
  6. Esby

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    I have a metal fuel tank mounted in the box of my truck, this way I can run for several days and never have to worry about running out or filling up. I bought the tank used from an excavation company, they had totalled the truck in an accident and were getting rid of it for cheap, its like new.
  7. Vandora Lawn & Landscape

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    I know that in Maryland you need a state petrol transport license if you're going to have a permanently mounted tank, also I believe you need some sort of DOT registration for it too. For this, I'd give your state DOT a call.
  8. chrisbolte

    chrisbolte LawnSite Member
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    If anyone knows about the OSHA gas cans rules I would greatly appricate it! I have heard things about having to have permit in you have one mounted in truck. I was assuming that was more for 50 plus gallons though. Thanks again and any OSHA rules would be greatly appricated
  9. Lawn Cruiser

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    I just fill my walkbehind wide area mower and also my outfront Z they both have 5 gallon tanks. I can usually mow all day with this. I then carry a small can of mixed gas for my trimmers, blowers,ect.
  10. CandJ

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    I know in New York the limit to carry is four 5-gallon gas cans (fuel in mowers does not count toward the limit). If you are carrying bulk, you can carry up to 150 gallons, but must be placarded and carry the required paperwork if you have more than 115 gallons. I figure the rules are basically the same from state to state, but you'd need to check for yourself in your own state. Hope this helps to give you an idea.

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