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Discussion in 'Lawn Care Business Management' started by trfmstr, Feb 7, 2014.

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    Just wondering how some of you handle purchasing fuel for multiple crews. When you have to trust an employee, how do you know they are only getting gas for work equipment and not taking a gas jug home and filling up their own vehicle. We fill up at a gas station around the corner and they are only suppose to charge in work vehicle. I know for a fact in the past , former employee ( meaning they were fired) have taken the gas jugs home for personal use. I run 6 to 7 vehicles in summer. Impossible to fuel each one up myself every night. Just curious how you handle your fuel bills
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    I have had it happen to me also. Don't know of a way to catch them but in my case the others on the crew told on them. A few years back made it the rule that no company truck or trailer goes home with crews, they come to the shop period!
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    How about a fuel station at the yard.:weightlifter:
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    I have 2 500 gal tanks on lot. Tried in past. Last about 2 weeks and cost more to have shipped in. Gas station is 200 ft from shop
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    American Express small business card fixes all that. You can set limits and spending options( fuel only). You can have multiple cards for supervisors. Each card has a list of the transaction for that particular card. Problem solved.
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    I agree with American Express charge card. That's what we use and our crew managers each have one. No interest since its a charge card and it gets paid in full each month. Easily tracked on AmEx website, as well as on Quickbooks. Also, we have a fuel log assigned to each truck and trailer. Crew manager has to fill out the log each time they get gas. Date, description, amount in $, gallons, truck mileage, and employee initials are all on the log. Pretty basic. However, this lets us check up on fuel usage, as well as comparing it to numbers that run through quickbooks. All trucks and trailers have their own specific equipment items on them, which is checked each morning. All is accounted for at the end of the day, so nothing can be lost, or in this case, stolen.

    Hope this helps. Good luck!
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    Maybe you should check into other suppliers. I had the tank provided free of charge and the fuel company delivers the fuel at the same market rates so it doesn't cost me any more to have the tank on site.

    We record every drop of fuel and where it goes and only two employees have access to the key.

    I wouldn't do it any other way because I save tons of employee time keeping them from waiting at the station. Two or three guys standing around or buying crap at the station for 10 minutes is time not spent generating revenue. If you do that with 5 crews you just lost 90 minutes average time per day (taking out the 10 minutes it would take one guy to do the same thing on site.)

    After the whole season, you lost over 180 hours of time that could have been used on jobs.

    Those are my numbers anyway, so I'd never think of changing back to going to a gas station for fuel.
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    Comdata cards allowed us to make pins and IDs and options for employees so that an employee could use a card only for gas between the hours of 6am and 8am M-F and had their user ID. Each truck had a card
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