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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by echeandia, Jan 31, 2010.

  1. echeandia

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    I received some marketing material from Wright Express to open a fleet account with them. It appears that they offer a credit card that is accepted at gas stations only and for only fuel. Do you have any experience with these guys? If not how do you handle fueling your your trucks. Thanks.
  2. bohiaa

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    not with these guys.

    from what I have found SHell has the best offer. for us anyway.
    all oil companys offer fleet accounts.
    sometimes the issue is how much do you use.

    I have always been leary of having a card where u can only purchase fuel.
    my lead guys have Company VISA'S this has saved my butt several times.
    of corse there is a 500.00 limit per day. and you better know what your doing

    Best of luck
  3. David1970

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    We have on-site fueling at our shop. Saves on labor.
  4. outrunjason

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    You know I just fill up wherever because I am just a single operator but I wouldn't mind having a an account somewhere and just pay it at the end of the month. Quicktrip is trying to push some out right now.
  5. 360ci

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    I just use what's local, generally Esso. I don't use much fuel. About $40 gets me to all my accounts each week so it's fairly decent, that also includes equipment fuel and oil. I have some larger cans that I fill up when the price is low and store them in a box outside of my shed. I just take the 'points' from Esso and Sunoco here in Ontario. It's not much money back, but when you take into account that most card locks and fuel cards only save 2-5 cents a liter, or around a dime a gallon, you have to figure if it's worth your time to drive out to these places to save a few cents, when you can say, get fuel across the street from where you live or your office and save yourself money on fuel and mileage.

    If you use more than 80 gallons a week, it might be in your interest to check into fuel cards, or discount cards, but otherwise I don't think it'll be worth your time.

    If you have employees, it's good to issue fuel cards, as most card lock systems require two cards, one for the vehicle (stays in the vehicle) and one for the driver (stays on the appointed driver). Only if you use both cards can they get fuel from the cardlock system. This is added security for you.

    There was a LONG thread posted on fleet/fuels and fuel storage, run a search and you shall find it!
  6. nobagger

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    We have local stores called Country Fiar. They offer .05 cents off a gallon so we just use them. We just did taxes and spent $7,765.48 for fuel last year and probably a few hundred bucks in labor fueling. A fleet card is something we are considering due to the tons of tiny, hard to read receipts vs. a monthly print out.
  7. 360ci

    360ci LawnSite Senior Member
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    That's true, it does save a lot on paperwork for multiple vehicles.
  8. atouchofnature

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    Several years ago, when I was general manager of a much larger company, we used Wright Express. We were happy overall with the gas cards, there were dozens of stations in our city that accepted the card, their billing was accurate, and if you paid off the balance every month, on or before the due date, there was no interest. We did have the occasional problem of misuse of the cards by employees, but that was certainly not the fault of Wright Express.

    Nowadays, I am self employed and have a much smaller company, and just carry enough cash with me to buy gas as it's needed.
  9. Mahoney3223

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    I use SuperFleet through SpeedWay and Marathon for fueling our fleet...works good. Very detailed breakdowns and you can limit employees cards for fuel only..

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